Babysitter Summer

Babysitter Summer

Shouldn’t I get more? Babysitting is give and take here. Children are . . . o.o you see?


3 thoughts on “Babysitter Summer”

  1. At first I was gone say you should have got $40 then I realized you baby-sat for SEVEN DAYS!!! You should’ve recieved $20 for EACH DAY. This must was your little brother? Lol. That’s the only way I figure it was suppose to been out of love lol.

    Is he putting something in your hand in the first pic? What is that? Is that your food he putting salt (?) on in 5th pic? What are y’all doing on Sunday?

    Thanks for contributing this to FY. Loving it!!! 🙂


    1. Not family but in a way it was out of love, and there were actually 3 of them. I only showed the real troublemaker, and changed the gender for some reason lol although you’ve got a point my brothers are like this but they’re both older now. 16 and 18 as of this year. In the first picture he is painting on me, there is paint on my pants, hair, hands, and in his own hair. And yes, I had made dinner and a cr*p load of salt was suddenly on my plate when I came back, and Saturday was making masks, and where we are getting along suddenly much better than previous days where he ran away, I put him in front of the TV to just fall asleep, etc.

      You’re welcome, I like contributing. I’m thinking about what to do for friday/monday. ^_^ Also worried about tomorrow, and my ex asked me to go to the beach saturday so I’m seeing how that’s gonna go. >_>


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