All Fast Food Employees Don’t Post Pictures Online Of What They Do To Your Food … But They Did!

Taco Bell fired this California employee after he was photographed licking a stack of taco shells.

Via Taco Bell's Facebook page
Via Taco Bell’s Facebook page

Wendy’s fired him for chugging ice cream from the Frosty machine.

Via Imgur
Via Imgur

Subway fired Ian Jett for rubbing his penis on sandwich bread and freezing his urine at work.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Burger King fired “Idiot King” for lying on a mountain of hamburger buns.

Via @inotayuta (Twitter)
Via @inotayuta (Twitter)

Now, these 4 are teaming up to launch their own … restaurant. “Because of the part on applications that ask for your previous employer and why you left, neither of us have been able to find work since,” said, former Subway employee, Ian Jett. “3 of us was fired for having fun with food that was never intended to be served to customers. Mines was done at home. I’d never do that at work. And, he was making practice tacos.” “Yeah, the only reason I licked them was because they were the Cool Ranch shells,” said, the former Taco Bell employee. “The reason why they’re stacked like that in the photo was because I was on my way to the garbage.” “Me too! We was throwing all our expired buns on the floor! I love SpongeBob! The episode Squidward got locked in a room in the Krusty Krab with a whole brunch of krabby patties looked so fun. I just wanted to sleep on this burger mountain, said, ex-Burger King employee, “Bakka King.” “As Ian said, ‘3 of us.’ Now, my situation is a little different,” said the former ice-cream-eating Wendy’s employee. No, we was not seconds away from throwing our Frosty machine away when I did that. My mouth wasn’t touching anything so I don’t see what the big deal was. I can see if my mouth was touching anything silver. I mean, what’s the difference between my mouth and an ice cream cone? My mouth had the same distance from the faucet as a cone. It’s not like anyone got any ice cream that day. Because of what I did, the manger told us to just tell people who wanted ice cream that the machine was broken.”

When Ian “The Sandwich Artist” Jett saw “Bakka King” viral photo, he said that’s when the idea hit him and he reached out to the other 3 via Twitter and Facebook. “Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Subway, and BK don’t have to worry about each other no more. We’re their new problem and about to compete and drive them out of business. We’re calling our restaurant Four Foods because that’s what we’re famous for: Burgers, tacos, subways, and ice cream for dessert. And because we know people will be hesitant to eat at our restaurant because of the photos, we thought of a cool way to calm them. Customers will have to bring their own taco shells, hamburger buns, subway bread, ice cream machines, and we’ll supply the rest. And if that’s not cool enough, we will only be open an hour a day, which means things will be moving so quickly we won’t even have time to pre-rub an item.”

UPDATE: Robert Wilson Jr. who works at a McDonald’s in downtown Chicago has sent a statement after reading about this news:

If they make it to see an opening day, I, as well as others, will stage a strike in front of their store like we recently did with their former employers. Why? Because scumbags like them are the reason we’re not getting paid $15 an hour.

Built on top:

Do you buy groceries or eat out more? Why?


7 thoughts on “All Fast Food Employees Don’t Post Pictures Online Of What They Do To Your Food … But They Did!”

  1. LOL, i’m laughing but this is so terribleee!!!
    The less fast food you eat, the better anyways.
    Home cooked meals are where it’s at!
    P.S. I’ll never eat Subway w/the same mindset again.


    1. I know! It’s funny and disgusting at the same *censored* time!

      Home cook meals are where it’s at but fast food is so convenient when you spend so much time away from home. Then when you get home you’re feeling lazy and we know how time consuming cooking is. Impatience kicks in because you’re ready to eat NOW! That’s what these fast food joints play on! This would be okay but LOOK AT WHAT YOU GOT TO DEAL WITH. Not only are you messing with your health by eating it but you got people like these *censored* further messing up your health with their “secret ingredients.” Smh.

      I’ll probably never look at a yellow drink from Subway with the same mindset again, either.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!


      1. Ha! That’s just the risk we take whenever we help ourselves to someone else’s labor, lol.
        You’re welcome though! Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Today may very well be my last day eating fast food. Not just because of this post, either. Earlier I had some Captain D’s (4 pieces of fish, mac-n-cheese, fries, hush puppies, tartar sauce galore) and after I was done, my balls started to ache. As of writing, the pain is gone!

    UPDATE: Brook just said my balls coincidently started hurting after I ate. Hmmm … some coincidence! Of all days, of all days!


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