Deputies brace for murder trial of big Rahm donor

ImageCHICAGO — In a break from past practice, Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts and local Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) put aside their differences to prove that one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s biggest campaign contributors ordered the murders of three members of Tunney’s ex-girlfriend’s family.

Bishop Rodrigo Shields, the Chicago-based head of the Fraternal Order of Children and Family Services, faces charges that include murder, conspiracy, and murder solicitation for allegedly trying to have Tunney’s ex-girlfriend Angela Lawrence Adamico killed.

Last year, Shields and Emanuel were furious at Joe Ricketts, the billionaire patriarch of the family that owns the Cubs, for allegedly trying to work with high profile Republican strategists on a $10 million plan to ban cellphones and other electronic devices at Wrigley Field.

Nearly two weeks after the Cubs’ August 1 deadline, Ricketts and Tunney were drinking Hennessy in the Friendly Confines where children buzzed around as they sealed a deal that paves the way for consolidating a gravel cemetery that has more space than kids to extend the time for beer sales.


The connection between Emanuel and Shields is spelled out in a court case in which Tunney got an order of protection last year against Shields after Tunney worked closely with the Cubs on a 2006 bleacher expansion.

Shields and his family have been major campaign contributors to Emanuel. Altogether they and their companies have given $20 million to Emanuel campaign funds, plus another $50,000 to the mayor’s inaugural committee, records show.

Shields, who also goes by the name “Rico” and has the words “Trust None” tattooed on his lower left arm, admitted to police Monday that he left insulting and provocative phone and email messages with Joe Ricketts and Tunney.

“I’ll f—ing kill you,” Shields yelled on August 10, 2012, according to a statement co-worker Neal Matthias gave to police. “I’m f—ing going to kill you and your family,” Shields said in an email to Ricketts. 

Jury selection begins Tuesday.

The trial will be the first in the Chicago area where perks like iPads for all current and former judges will be available. Authorities expect to encounter a number of upset people. 


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