Reality TV (Episode 1, Scene 4)

Reality TV: 11+14+06

Chorus Hooks – Damn I can’t think! Aiiyo somebody give me a word that rhymes wit cat.

Matic – Oooh I can’t believe you just asked that shit, oooh I hope you tryna be funny.

Chorus Hooks – Nah, I’m for real. I can’t think right now! My brain ain’t functioning at all.

Harold – I oughta kick yo’ ass outta this studio for saying that shit Chorus. If you don’t know what rhymes wit cat, you need to fill out an application at McDonald’s.

Matic – And why the fuck you putting cat in yo’ verse?

Chorus Hooks – You wanna know what I got so far?

Matic – Hell nah cuz that shit ain’t going on the song, not a song I’m on!

It Kid – Y’all look who in the muthafuckin’ building!

Peter Bronx – What’s bubbling?

Harold – About time my nigga off house arrest.

Peter Bronx – Man it feels so good to get out that crazy ass house yo. Kids running around screaming, breaking shit, baby mama bugging the fuck out and shit. It feel good!

Harold – Man I know what you mean. A couple of days ago, I took al the t.v.’s out my house, ever since I did that, family been crazy yo.

Peter Bronx – Yeah, you gotta take what they love!

Harold – It’s like, you know how they say you are what you eat? They becoming what they watch! Hold on, my cell ringing! Shit! This my daughter right here!

Lyric – Hello, hello, hello, hello, daddy!

Harold – Damn, hello, hello

Lyric – Dad, I was just calling you to tell you that mom is about to kill Lil’ Harold.

Harold – She about to kill him?!

Lyric – Yeah, for what I don’t know! So, if you love yo’ son you better come home now!

Harold – Shit I’m at work, at the studio!

Lyric – Personally, I don’t want you to come home. I want a new brother; Lil’ Harold gets on my nerve.

Harold – Damn I’ll be there ASAP.

Peter Bronx – What’s up?

Harold – My crazy ass family fucking up my studio time. Aiiyo I’ll catch y’all later. I gotta save somebody’s life.


Commercial Break: 12+9+06

Boy – You a dick-suckin’ faggot!

Boy 2 – So what?

Boy – Yo’ daddy a dead-beat loser!

Boy 2 – So what?

Boy – Yo’ mama’s a far ass bitch!

Boy 2 – So what?

Boy – I’ll rob you for your brand-new cellphone!

Boy 2 – What you just say?!

Boy – I said I’ll rob you for your brand-new cellphone!

Boy 2 – *knocks boy out with punch* Don’t you ever in your life call my Helio out its name again!


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