Aim For The Stars: Girl Fight (Scene 1)

*Aim For The Stars was a sitcom I wrote starring celebrities. This is the original raw script from 2006. The only edits I have made are punctuational.*

Girl Fight: 12+12+06

Beyonce – Kelly and Michelle, thank y’all for coming on such short notice.

Kelly – Anything for you B’. Girl, when you told us over the phone what you had to say had to be said in-person and not over the phone, I dropped everything I was doing.

Michelle – Yeah, me too! I ran a red-light gettin’ over here!

Kelly – So, girl, what’s the emergency?

Michelle – Don’t tell me! Let me guess – omigod, Jay got you pregnant?

Kelly – Omigod! So, the rumor was true – y’all are planning to get married and now we know why

Michelle – We know why?

Kelly – Michelle, they don’t want their child to be a bastard duhhhh

Michelle – Oh! And I wish Jay would try to deny that’s his baby … with them big ass lips … by the way, have he ate your pussy yet?

Beyonce – Haha. Kelly and Michelle, y’all need to be some comedians, y’all funny. But No, No, No, No, none of that shit is true! That ain’t what I wanted to tell y’all.

Michelle – Damn, well what you wanted to tell us?

Beyonce – Destiny’s Child need to get back together!

Kelly – But I thought our destiny was fulfilled?

Beyonce – Fuck that bullshit! Our destiny is empty! We are the best female R&B group EVER and we NEED to get back together.

Michelle – B’ by any chance, do you want us to get back together b-cuz Amerie, Rihanna, and LaToya are forming a group?

Beyonce – No! Are you serious?! How could you ask such a question ??? Okay, okay, YES! That’s the reason! They’re out to destroy me! Destiny’s Child has to get back together.

Michelle – B’ I don’t know about that.

Kelly – Me neither!

Beyonce – Why not?!

Kelly – My solo career is about to blast off!

Michelle – And so is mines!

Beyonce – You hoes are so muthafuckin’ selfish!

Kelly – Selfish? You the one who want Destiny’s Child to get back together for your own personal gain. Me and Michelle don’t have no problems with Amerie, Rihanna, and LaToya. You do!

Beyonce – You know what?! Fuck y’all! Y’all say y’all will do anything for me but that’s a damn lie! I don’t need y’all to help me battle Amerie, Rihanna, and LaToya. When we was together I shoulda kicked y’all hoes outta the group. Trust me, I will find two girls who will replace y’all no-ass-having-bitches. Bootylicious is my song-I wrote that shit!

*Theme music*

*Commercial Break (If you have followed I’m With Jimmy Ni’s Reality TV then you know I wrote my own commercials too, however, I only wrote 4. *


Scene 2 dropping tomorrow at 7PM 🙂


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