Aim For The Stars: Girl Fight (Scene 2)

Girl Fight: 12+15+06

Jermaine Dupri – And then I said, damn his license plates read Valco haha. That damn Nelly man!

Janet Jackson – Haha. Jermaine you gone make me pee on myself. Let me hurry to the little girl’s room before you crack any more So So Def jokes … get it? You’re rubbing off on me, baby!

Jermaine Dupri – I’ma miss you!

Janet Jackson – I’ma miss you more.

Jermaine Dupri – Wooooo Hov you say 30 is the new 20? Fuck that! 40 is the new 20, for real.

Beyonce – Excuse me from the table too y’all. I gotta go to the ladies room too.

Jay-Z – Aight baby!

Kelis – Why everybody looking at me for? Okay, okay, okay, I see y’all wanna talk about man stuff, so, I’ma go to the ladies room too. Damn! I hate when this happens.

Nas – Be nice!

Jay-Z – No offense Nas and Jermaine but y’all gotta admit … it’s better to watch my girl walk away.

Nas – Yeah, I admit, yeah, yeah, you right on that most definitely.

Jermaine Dupri – Yeah I admit that too! It’s better watching yo’ girl leaving but not coming/cumming!

Janet Jackson – Kelis I’ve been a fan of yours for years – I’m so in love with yo’ brand new album girl. I love Bossy, even though I can’t relate to it, but yo’ second single Blind-fold Me … girl, me and Jermaine both can relate to that song. I just love you and Nas relationship.

Kelis – Oh! That’s big coming from you Janet. I suppose to be saying all them nice things about you but my relationship ain’t got nothing on yours – you and Jermaine are meant to be honey.

Janet Jackson – Thanks … Beyonce we would include you in the conversation but we know you and Jay are having problems.

Beyonce – Problems?!

Kelis – Yeah, everybody knows Irreplaceable is about Jay and everybody’s knows the second verse to Lost Ones is about you.

Beyonce – Oh! You wanna talk about relationship problems? Well, okay, Nas is on LaToya’s remix to She Don’t … what you don’t do better than her Kelis. And Janet, I read an Amerie article, in it, she said, the reason yo’ album had such lackluster sales was b-cuz of Jermaine’s wack ass beats and then said when you hunt for producers for yo’ next album you shouldn’t go to Atlanta.

Janet Jackson – I’ll kick Amerie’s ass!

Kelis – I’ll kick LaToya’s ass … and Beyonce I know you got beef wit Rihanna and I heard all them hoes just recently formed an R&B group. Beyonce if you weren’t already in a group wit Kelly and Michelle I’ll ask you could I be in Destiny’s Child.

Janet Jackson – So would I.

Beyonce – Kelly and Michelle, who?! Them hoes said they didn’t wanna reunite cuz they didn’t have no problems wit them so fuck them bitches!

Kelis – Well I gotta problem wit them for not having a problem with Amerie and them.

Janet Jackson – Yeah, I hope they get pregnant and not know who they baby daddy is.

Beyonce – So, y’all wanna be the new Destiny’s Child?

Kelis – Hell muthafuckin’ yeah!

Janet Jackson – Yes cuz I know your mother can design me a wardrobe that won’t have any malfunctions.

*Commercial Break*

Scene 3 dropping tomorrow at 7PM 🙂


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