Aim For The Stars: Girl Fight (Scene 3)

*Today is Beyonce’s birthday, ironically.*

Girl Fight: 12+18+06

Amerie – What y’all talkin’ about?

LaToya Luckett – Just some ideas for songs.

Rihanna – Yeah and who we gone get to direct our first video.

Amerie – Well, I wonder if Destiny’s Child talkin’ about the same thing.

LaToya Luckett  – Destiny’s Child!!!

Rihanna – Did you just say Destiny’s Child?!

Amerie – Yes I said Destiny’s Child cuz them bitches are back together, thanks to us. Beyonce know she can’t handle all 3 of us on her own. She know we will destroy her and end her career so she had to run and get help.

LaToya Luckett – Well that ain’t news to me cuz Destiny’s Child getting back together was predictable after we got together. I’m not worried cuz Kelly and Michelle can’t fuck wit us PERIOD.

Rihanna – Yeah, she’s right. Kelly and Michelle can’t hold a candle to us!

Amerie – Yeah, y’all right …  but what about Kelis and Janet Jackson?

Rihanna – What Kelis and Janet Jackson gotta do wit this?

Amerie – Beyonce, Kelis, and Janet Jackson are the NEW Destiny’s Child. Not Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle!

LaToya Luckett – Omigod!!! Are you serious?! You better be playing wit us, A.

Rihanna – Yeah, are you?!

Amerie – No, I’m not playing wit y’all. We’re done! Triple Threat is over! We can’t compete with Janet Jackson by herself.

Rihanna – And not just that, Janet, Kelis, and Beyonce all have a man. We don’t!!!

Amerie – Damn! You’re right! I didn’t even think about that. How we gone compete???

LaToya Luckett – Omigod!!! If y’all hoes keep talking like that, I don’t wanna be in a group wit y’all. Sure, Janet Jackson is a legend but she’s washed up, okay. So, we can compete … after all of us get a man … but not just any men. We have to get men their men are beefing wit. Beyonce has Jay-Z, well I got Jim Jones. Kelis has Nas, well Amerie have Young Jeezy. Janet Jackson has Jermaine Dupri, well Rihanna you have … damn Jermaine don’t have beef wit nobody.

Amerie – Yeah, now that I think about it, he don’t.

Rihanna – So that mean y’all gone be the only two wit some dick in y’all life? Hell no! I want me a man, too!

LaToya Luckett – Wait, wait, wait, Rihanna I think I have  a good black man, white man, white woman, alien – I don’t know, all I know is I got somebody for you but he won’t put no dick in ya life, he won’t fuck you, he’s only good for beefing wit Jermaine and Janet.

Rihanna – Okay, who???

LaToya Luckett – I can’t tell you right now but do you have a little brother you hate or a son you wish you aborted ?

Rihanna – Yeah, I have a little brother, why?

LaToya Luckett – B-cuz we will need some bait.

*Commercial Break*

Scene 4 will post tomorrow at 7PM 🙂


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