Aim For The Stars: Girl Fight (Scene 4)

Girl Fight: 12+19+06

LaToya Luckett – Y’all I just got off the phone wit Jim Jones. Ballin’!!! He said he’s down wit being my boyfriend in the Jay-Z and Beyonce beef. Okay, Amerie, have you talked to Young Jeezy yet?

Amerie – He said he was gone call me back in 12 minutes and give me an answer.

LaToya Luckett – How long has it been?

Amerie – *phone rings* I guess it’s been 12 minutes. Hold on … hello! Haha. Fa’ sho’. Okay. Okay. Aight, baby, haha. That was Jeezy!

LaToya Luckett – What he say?

Amerie – I Luv It haha

Rihanna – Well I’m glad to see y’all hoes happy about y’all new niggas. I would join in on the celebration but I still don’t know who my nigga is.

LaToya Luckett – He said he was gone call when your lil’ brother arrived at his house.

Rihanna – And yeah, why did I have to fly my little brother out to his house before he could give me an answer? That’s weird! If he hate Jermaine and Janet that abd, he’ll do it for free … no money , no kids … and another thing that’s weird … why did he choose my little brother over money? That’s really strange to me! I could see if he asked for some money but no he asked for my little brother…damn y’all got me thinking it’s Michael Jackson or somebody.

LaToya Luckett – Amerie why you tell her for?

Amerie – What? I didn’t tell her anything! She figured it out on her own, I swear.

Rihanna – Omigod!!! It’s Michael Jackson!!! My little brother is about to spend a WHOLE week at that freak’s house??? Omigod!!! My mother is gonna kill me! I gotta cancel his flight.

Amerie – *phone rings* It’s too late! Your little brother already at his house. Rihanna, Michael Jackson wanna talk to you …


Michael Jackson – Oh! Rihanna, that’s not you talking, that’s the t.v. talking. The t.v. is making you think I molest little boys. It’s lies, it’s all lies. Children are beautiful creatures. I would never hurt such a beautiful creature. Don’t you think I’ll be in jail if I hurt one of God’s children?

Rihanna – Yeah but since you’re Michael Jackson nah … them people who was on that jury wanna see you make another Thriller. Look! Where is my little brother sleeping?

Michael Jackson – In my bed like all the other kids and I will sleep on the floor.

Rihanna – Ain’t it like a thousand rooms in yo’ house? Why kids sleeping in yo’ bed???

Michael Jackson – My house is so big, kids are scared to sleep in other parts of the house.

Rihanna – Well, you make sue my little brother ain’t sleeping in the same room as you. I don’t care how big your house is and I don’t care how afraid of the dark he is. Get him a night-light!

Michael Jackson – Look, you bitch! I have something to prove to my sister and her boyfriend! Just like you, they’re letting the t.v. give them brain damage. The reason I wanna join the beef against them is b-cuz they said when they have some kids I can’t baby-sit ’em … especially the boys! And I wanna prove to them I’m good with children by baby-sitting your little brother.

LaToya Luckett – What happen?!

Rihanna – He hung up in my face!

Amerie – You gone call him back?

Rihanna – Nah. I love my little brother but I gotta album to worry about so if Michael Jackson does do something to him, he just gone have to live with taking one for the team.

*Commercial Break*

Scene 5 posting tomorrow at 7PM 🙂



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