Sunbeam To Innovate Scale Because Customers Don’t Believe They’re Fat

Image via Twitter

Are you paranoid you’re being followed when you walk to the scale, but when you turn around and check, no one is there? According to research conducted by Sunbeam on how customers use their products, studies showed 81% of people look down at the scale then look back to see if anyone is adding the weight of their foot. In a company email, CEO Arthur C. Hill explained how they plan on innovating the home device:

ACH: First thing we’re going to do is add a mirror with the packaging of every Sunbeam scale. This will prevent people from physically turning around when they’re on the scale. I’m surprised we have never been sued for breaking someone’s neck. This mirror will cure paranoia, but most importantly, keep people safe while using our products.

Customer: But what if it’s a midget that’s following you around?

ACH: Good question, but please refer to them as little people. Thanks! Anywho, that’s where the second innovation comes in at. Our new scales will also come with something we call The 3rd Leg Alarm. This new technology will alert you when another person’s foot is on the scale. So, for people you can’t see in the mirror, The 3rd Leg will kick their ass.

Built on top of:
•That pic, my inability to lose the weight I gained

Do you feel like someone is trolling you when you get on the scale?


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