Zack – *thinking to self* I cannot believe someone paid $10,000 for a iPhone just because it had the Flappy Bird app on it. This is crazy! *looks ahead* The hell is this fool posing for? Wait a … I know he don’t think I’m taking a pic of him because I’m holding my phone like this? Man, let me put my phone down.

2 minutes later …

Zack – *thinking to self* Damn, I’m getting snot on my screen. I need some tissue. Let me hold my phone back up.

30 seconds later …

Zack – *thinking to self* Haha. Janelle Monae just tweeted ‘Do It Far Da Vine.’ Haha. I love her! *looks ahead* Why the f**k this dude dancing for? He really think I’m recording him or something. *shakes head*

1 minute later …

Zack – *thinking to self* Oh my God! They coming out with bacon-flavored toothpaste?!?! Now I don’t have to gag when I brush my teeth. My prayers have been answered. Thank you, Jesus! *looks ahead* What the hell he doing??? Now I know this fool not trying to take a pic of me. What he doing with his phone? *moving head side to side, ducking down* This fool got me doing the Chris Tucker head dance. Aww, okay. You wanna play with me? I’ma get you. Your stop is my stop!

35 minutes later …

Zack – Aye partner!
Fool – *turns around*
Zack – *pushes him down to the ground*
Fool – What are you doing?
Zack – The hell you taking pictures of me on the bus for?
Fool – You was taking pics of me.
Zack – What?! I don’t even know you. Why the f**k would I be taking pics of another dude for? I’m not gay.
Fool – Why was you holding your phone like that?
Zack – I was reading!!! N***a gimme your phone.
Fool – Please don’t hurt me! Please, mister!
Zack – *goes through phone, checks photo gallery* Where the pics you took of me??? I don’t see ’em.
Fool – I never took none. I was pretending to.
Zack – Say what?!
Fool – Hey, I’m not gay either!
Zack – What?! You … you made me get off the bus for nothing? I miss my damn stop. Got me in unknown territory and s**t. Aww hell nah!
Fool – I’m sorry. I really am.
Zack – Get your ass up.
Fool – What’s this? Why are you giving me your phone for?
Zack – Because if you don’t want me to beat your ass you gone take some pictures of me. I didn’t miss my stop for nothing. *poses*


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