Police Looking For Shoplifters Using Celebrity Names To Steal Your Shopping Bags


LOS ANGELES — Undercover police are posing as tourists walking the streets of LA this week to catch a new wave of shoplifters the media is dubbing  The Made You Looks. So far, 6 victims, all out-of-towners, have come forward describing their unorthodox techniques. “I was coming out the store and this guy walks up to me and points behind me yelling ‘Cole from the Martin show.’ When I turned around to see, he punches me, knocks me to the ground, snatches my Hugo Boss bag out my left hand and runs,” said, 27 year old Kansas resident Clarke Crowe, who was visiting family in Culver City. Initially baffled by the thieves unconventional ruse, the LAPD got a break in the case when Detective Lesane Wallace picked up on the commonality in the entertainers they used to distract their unsuspecting victims: They were all D-List celebrities. “David Alan Grier, Dustin Diamond, Kathy Griffin, Carrot Top, and Carmen Electra have been the head-turners. This gang is smart. They know if they were to shout a Beyonce, a Will Smith name, people would be less likely to look because everyone knows A-List celebs do not go out in public without some sort of disguise on,” said Wallace.

Until The Made You Looks are apprehended, the LAPD has put D to Z list celebrities on house arrest so their fans are aware of the suspicious activities of anyone screaming their names on the streets of LA.

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