Why Are You Saving Money?

Har-old, you remember 5 years ago when you shared with co-workers how economical you are with your finances then they asked, “Why are you saving money? Is it for a car? A house? School? A hooker?” Like, you need a reason to save money! Like, you can’t do it just because, you know. Just because it’s fun! Fun to see your bank account getting impressive. Fun to see that lonely dollar grow up to become a devishly handsome billion dollar bill. I love the answer you gave them. “I don’t know. I don’t have a reason right now. I’m sure the future me will thank me.” Haha! Thank you!

P.S. How To Gradually Live Without Your Phone is coming. I’m still working on it. I see you taking advantage of the delay by still staying up late smdh.


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