YouTube Study: Black Men More Angry Over Donald Sterling’s GF Setting Him Up Than Racist Remarks

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Image courtesy of Twitter


With  #BoycottClippers trending, Snoop Lion’s profanity-laden video response, Magic Johnson’s stream of Twitter reactions and countless responses from more black celebrities, other races assumed African-Americans were offended at Donald Sterling’s racist comments during an explosive conversation with girlfriend V. Stiviano, who secretly recorded the audio. However, the comment moderator of TMZ’s YouTube channel suggests only African-American women are.  The moderator, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported that of the 5,596 comments (at time of writing) on the video, 3,807 are from African-Americans. 2,708 of which are male. “While the African-American woman’s anger is narrow and exclusively directed at Sterling’s remarks, the comments of their male counterpart show indecisiveness. They don’t know whether to be mad at racism or over his girlfriend setting him up. The term gold-digger is mentioned a total of 83,617 times. One commenter, iFapTwoHanded, who is a 26-year-old black male, anger was so indecisive that he just left a emoji scratching its head.”

Neal Hersh, famous Hollywood divorce lawyer, when asked by reporters of his opinion on Sterling’s remarks, said, “You know how when you watch a movie you don’t catch everything the first time? Like in Fight Club when Brad Pitt gets punched in the gut by Lou and the narrator hunches over in pain? Then on subsequent viewings you start to ignore what you already know and focus on other aspects? Well I honestly believe the more these prominent black men, the LeBron’s, the Shaquille’s, the Magic Johnson’s, the Jesse Jackson’s, the Al Sharpton’s, and the Lil’ Wayne’s of the world listen to that audio, their anger will gradually transition to the woman who secretly recorded the audio and they will get spousal-paranoia. Not to mention all the regular-folks. And I’m gone try not to spread myself too thin. Donald Sterling didn’t start a race war. Just give it a few weeks. There will be an all-out gender war.”

Do you think this is a race war or gender war?

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9 thoughts on “YouTube Study: Black Men More Angry Over Donald Sterling’s GF Setting Him Up Than Racist Remarks”

    1. Because she is recording. That was a one sided conversation. Anytime there are two people and one is secretly recording (audio or video) the other the former will exaggerate the conversation to coerce information out the other. Notice how almost bully-like she was at doing this. Several times he tried to either change the subject or end the convo and she kept instigating the situation. With all that said, he is still racist because she didn’t put no gun to his head to say those racist remarks. And with all that said (lol), she damn near put the words in his mouth.


        1. She didn’t put a gun to his head and force him to say those racial comments. Sterling said them voluntarily. However, because she was recording she knew she had to draw those comments out. Notice how many times Sterling says he don’t want to talk about this anymore and she keeps baiting him.


        2. P.S. I saw the reblog you did of the Heart Balloon comic. It was so creative and beautiful. Most of all, relatable. I wish I created it. I followed that blog. Thanks for reblogging it.


          1. OK. Yes she did draw them out. And I like Barkley’s statement but the thing is he didn’t show his opinion publicly he was supposedly in the privacy of his relationship that clearly she didn’t respect.
            Yeah I felt the same way about the balloon comic. It made me cry so I had to reblog it.


  1. OK so I stopped reading halfway through so I could watch the video. Then finished reading. It’s not even a gender war, she’s just a dumb broad. What I gathered was that he probably got calls about her taking pics with magic bc that’s his woman supposedly and she is clearly black and since magic is black maybe it looks suspicious. Maybe it’s a pride/jealousy type thing, like she wouldn’t want him posting pics with an attractive white woman who would appear to be a more suitable partner for him in our (American) culture. And she’s just out to get him, clearly the man is upset at her antics and she is CLEARLY attempting to set him up bc she’s dumb and didn’t get it. But he could be racist we all are to be honest.


    1. Regarding your last few words. Charles Barkley said something I like: It doesn’t matter if you are racist but when you are in a position of power like Sterling is and the ability to affect lives then you can’t show your opinions publicly.


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