Potential Battle Rap Sponsor Head Trampled During Dizaster, Math Hoffa Fight

screenshot of math hoffa and dizaster battle at kotd bola5
Click photo to see the closes view of the first punch from Dizaster

A man’s head from a higher corporation got trampled this past weekend (June 28th) at King Of The Dot’s (KOTD) Battle Of Los Angeles 5 (BOLA) event during the Dizaster and Math Hoffa brawl.

The man, who wishes to keep his name and his company’s name confidential was invited to the BOLA event by Davone Campbell, known to battle rap fans as “Daylyt.” Here’s his account of what happened:

“I’m an A&R at a big time record label. I’ve been following the KraCC City Movement for some time now. I got in touch with Davone and told him I wanted to invest in some new talent. He convinced me to come out to an event he was participating in at Los Globos. I was doing nothing that Saturday, why not. He said it was a battle rap event. I had no clue what battle rap was. I did some research prior to going and was really disturbed by the violent lyrics. But Daylyt assured me KOTD was a ‘non-violent organization.’ So in the last round while the Dizaster fellow was rapping, he looked at me. I was standing right behind the black guy. I think my suit threw him off and caused him to stumble. That’s when he looked back at the Mathematical guy and said ‘I should fucking punch you.’ The guy said ‘Do it then!’ Me wanting to get in the spirit of the crowd when they say ‘Talk to that N word such and such’ I said ‘Yeah do it Dizzy.’ Before I know it, I am laying on the ground being trampled. All was going through my head was defeat/the feet lines.”

Surprisingly, the man, who suffered a minor concussion in the mêlée said he still wants to become a potential battle rap sponsor but said if leagues want his money they will have to implement 3 changes. First, he said future grudge matches will have to be Facetimed/Skyped to prevent battle rappers with a history from fighting with more than words. Second, he said he wants “gun bars” to die. He specifically mentioned a battle rapper by the name of Tay Roc, who he said he is terrified of. “The only thing funny about that Tay Roc guy is how he says words with a U in it. Other than that, he is a bonafide monster. I believe everything he says he will do to his opponent. If he says he will Emmit Till you then dammit he will Emmit Till you. And the final rule he says he wants in place is, “No more defeat/the feet lines. I might have flashbacks hearing one of those again.”

Built on top of:

  • A line from Daylyt’s response video
  • Total Slaughter’s Upcoming Event on July 12th

What future grudge matches need to be facetimed/skyped?


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