Subway Code


Dear Har-old,

No internet access at home, you say.

The library is too far and $3.50 to catch the bus will be a waste of money, you say.

Your old student ID badge is outdated and the library form for a guest to use the community college’s computers is too personal, you say.


Free WiFi at a Subway that’s 3 minutes from home, I say!

Hmm? What was that? Really? That’s your excuse? That you have to buy food if you want to sit down and use their WiFi?

Get the bleep out of here!


It’s been almost a year since you logged in on Codecademy. And before that, 5 months!

Why? Because the neighbor you was stealing WiFi from … moved!

Hey, at least it’s not because you gave up on coding because it frustrated you.

Har-old, you need to learn how to code by any means necessary. Unless the

H2 header

isn’t the only thing that stuck with you after all this time then you gotta press reset.

I didn’t become my own technical co-founder by watching The Social Network a million times. I did it by staying consistent on Codecademy, being friends with programmers, and letting new knowledge stick through application. You know, building stuff.


Let’s go!

Futuristically yours,



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