Security Guard Apartment Complex Hired To Patrol Pool Pees In It


pool notice

Leasing manager, Lisa Bannister, sat down Monday morning to review the weekend’s cameras. What she saw was “unbelievable.” Video of the security guard her apartment complex, 308 Eves, hired to patrol the pool “passing water” in it.

“It was shocking. We hired him because the number of people the camera showed in the pool clashed with the number of people who scanned their pass to unlock the pool’s gate. We didn’t know if they were residents who forgot to come by the office to get their pass or people off the street.”

WFTV caught up with the now fired security guard. “How you hire someone to stay in one place for hours and don’t have a restroom for them to use? I took myself on a tour of the grounds. Laundry room; empty room; storage room; empty room. I went into their fitness center and asked this guy working out was there any restrooms. He said, ‘In your apartment.’ I don’t live here. I work here. I didn’t know any of the residents personally and I didn’t want to risk leaving the premises. I drunk a 2 Liter of purple stuff. I had to go!,” the security guard told reporters.

308 Eves said they will turn one of their empty lobby rooms into a bathroom-for-guests before they hire their next security guard.

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  • I was the guy working out

If you was the security guard, would you asked a resident to use their bathroom, went to a nearby store, or pee’d in the pool? Explain your answer.



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