How To Trick Your Parents Into Thinking You’re Reading A Book

The Glowing BookHave y’all read the reviews of this aa game? El Oh Ell. Is it really ruining people’s lives it’s so addictive?


2 thoughts on “How To Trick Your Parents Into Thinking You’re Reading A Book”

  1. Notes.

    I chose blue as my background as a reference to the top social networks. Twitter; Facebook; Tumblr.

    I wanted to say “practically” but “literally” is a play on “literature.” Get it?

    The son is holding a iPhone 5C. And let’s not forget I am #TeamiPhone again so who wanna pop my FaceTime cherry?! Who? YOU? YOU? THREESOME?

    Their colorful mid-sections represent clothes. Namely, shirts.

    I chose the AA game for the screenshot because the reviews are hilarious and got me curious about the game. I’m scared to download it though, because what if those stories are true????

    This post was inspired by this Imgur and the comments >Tricking your parents

    Other notes.

    Yesterday I broke my previous record of “likes” in one day (16) with 17. This is my third straight comic (Remember i have 3 other concepts). However, it was actually a tie because I “liked” my own post. Ya ya ya.

    I am working on 2 serial webcomics. One being Passport Bear, titled The Misadventures of Passport Bear.

    Wednesday, May 27th I will be your favorite YouTuber!

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