It’s real now. You got your gas station polo. You can realistically get down to 200 pounds in 19 days. Other than food, the only thing standing in your way of a great performance on May 27th is practice, practice, practice. And the only thing standing in your way of doing numbers is marketing. Time won’t wait.


One thought on “Deadlines”

  1. I’ve been trying to get a gas station polo since ever since I wrote my 1st script for my YouTube channel in late 2013. The main way I thought of obtaining one is buying one off the back of an actual gas station employee. I put up ads. I hoped people who I already talked to were ex-employees of a gas station. I even considered working at one just to get it. I almost changed the script to me working at another crap job because I thought it would be easier to get, say, a Taco Bell employee to let me buy their polo.

    My dumb ass never considered eBay until a few weeks ago. When it came, it did so in dramatic fashion. I received it a day late because of the postal service playing games with my address. I will get payback for making me wait an extra day.

    I originally was going to get a gray one but after reading about the psychological aspects of yellow and red to the senses and why McDonalds chose these colors I had to go with this one.

    I’m happy.


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