Suddenly, Life Happened … (Blog Wars #2)


Caption this photo!
Caption this photo!

“Will you have sex with me? I’ll pay you for it.”

I looked up from the page like the leaf went from chlorophyll to anthocyanin before my eyes.

My first reaction was to spill hot coffee on his lap. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines lap as the flat area between the waist and the knees of a seated person. Well, I’m pretty sure his flat area wasn’t so flat anymore and needed some scalding to calm it down.

But fortunately for him, I gently closed his novel, quietly said I’m not comfortable going over his books anymore and immediately removed myself from the table.

I should have known this is what he was setting up from day one when he asked me how old I was. He said I looked 17. Is it illegal for someone under 18 to proof-read an over the 18-year-old author’s book? I’m 21, by the way. Then when he asked me do I have a boyfriend. If I did, would it be considered cheating if I read another man’s book? I hope my future boyfriend isn’t that jealous. Geez!

He did pay me each time I went over his book. That was 3 times. That was $60. But now I’m doing a 180 because he wants a body part that’s not the eyes and the finger. Yeah, sometimes I read with my finger. Fuck you!

I told my blogging buddy about this. You know what this fake ex-favorite blogging unfamiliar person said? He texted me, “Well, he’s not a stranger, anymore.” I reply, “Wheet?! Are you trying to say we went on 3 dates at the coffee shop and I need to give him some? You men! You know what? I’m punishing you! I’m not gone text you back for 3 weeks because I’m a Capricorn and sometimes we don’t communicate. And this is gonna drive your Gemini ass insane. Haha! And the next time I ask you how to make some quick money besides stripping, say stripping, and not some lame stuff like, “Partner up with me on a YouTube channel.” You know damn well you can’t make money making videos on YouTube, you lame! And if I did sell my body to that grandpa just know I will charge him an arm and a leg, okay, okay, okayyyyyyy. Now boy bye!”

P.S. Yes, it’s that damn good!


2 thoughts on “Suddenly, Life Happened … (Blog Wars #2)”

  1. This time Blog Wars REALLY pissed its target off instead of getting el oh ell’s. While it may seem like it with the creativity in this post and the concept being a series now, I really didn’t want to have to write this. I ACTUALLY liked Anna! Really! If she was in the same city as me I would have offered her a place to stay. I even been wanting to ask her could us being in the same city be possible. I didn’t wanna hurt someone I genuinely liked! Out of respect, I will delete her photo and not post any of the ones she sent.


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