WordPressident #1

“Why you always center align your paragraphs?”

To resemble an hour-glass.

Because what I write takes time.

If it takes longer than 60 minutes I take a step back and see the curves of a woman in my mind.

Her name? Her name is Sandy.

And I’m Sand’s man but squirrels or comics don’t run in neither of our families like an-tee’s or on-tee’s.

Depending on where ya from, me?

Writers Block where I try to mock the finest aut’s.

Napoleon, Robert Greene.

But I always come up short like leprechauns on my goals/golds to surpass what inspired me.

To be persuasive, seductive too.

Which is why those letters should’ve stopped at 26 but I misheard the W/Double U.

Other news, comics, episodes.

My Magnum Opus Magnum Opusinger webisodes.

May 27 tho.

Let you know, my marketing sucks.

1,883 views? I can’t argue results.

Gotta vlog more, blog more, write more period.

If you take away my 4 years of WordPress I wouldn’t have the papers and pens to prove I take my craft a lot more serious.

Which would B-O-K.

If the number of posts I had included a letter but it’s N-O-K.

I’m not proud of the posts I wrote on Yee-bi-zan. 

But 134 posts in 153 days, good or bad, it don’t matter, all that matters is writing, at least I am.




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