Chocolate Heart (Say Love)

Dedicated to My Great White Buffalo

I poured Smucker’s Magic Shell over her heart

The syrup didn’t hang for dear life from the bottom of her heart to form a teardrop

The weekend should be longer, and it would’ve been longer if chocolate rain on Zonday

But we stuck with 7 like lowercase t’s because the syrup quickly hardened into a crispy shell

This could only mean one thing…

She’s cold-hearted

Yeah, well, she did stick her leg out when I crossed her path to make me fall in love

Who the hell uses ice cream toppings as a force field anyways?

Say love, I know your heart has been broken 30 times, but, but, while I’m on this ground I’m gone pick up the pieces.

I extended my arm. She reached out to grab my hand to pull me up, but I pulled her down. Ha! We solving this jigsaw together.

And just when you thought it was over, I pull a tank top from my left pocket and 2 sleeves from my right and say, “We gotta sew this thang. You think you’re the only one who has been deeply wounded? You didn’t think I put bandaids on balloons to kid around, did ya?”

We stood up the same. She took a knee to get to her feet. I took one too, but stayed on mines longer.



Kiss Peace 💋✌🏾️


10 thoughts on “Chocolate Heart (Say Love)”

    1. I asked someone to give me a good opening line for me to build on and here it is: “I know, you thought it was a force field, but it was really just the hardened ice cream topping. Fooled me too.” I didn’t use the line verbatim but flipped the concept. I almost gave it to you just to see your take on it during our little challenge.

      I’ll have to find a way to acknowledge this because I don’t like blog awards (merely nominations) and I never accepted them in my 4 years here. It’s nothing personal against you; the blog awards don’t fit the theme of my blog. Think of comic blogs or photography blogs. Some blogs will be going out their way. I can accept this award in its full glory on my second blog which is more loose than how I am on here. I will check out your post.

      And I haven’t forgot about linking to you and showcasing your blog on mines.


      1. Well you did absolutely amazing with that line. .Flipping it the way you did. Hahaha…maybe you should have. Am not an expert..I just do what I do…I allow the words play out in a way they do know words have a mind of their own and would love to tell it as they deem fit. Oh well…abit saddened..but I shall take it in good faith…I do hope you try to acknowledge it..But even if you don’t. .its fine…its doesn’t change anything.. I do appreciate the thought nevertheless. Oh. better not forget. .am hawking just kidding. Stay well

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I swear this is not personal. I like you. The blog awards just don’t fit my theme. That’s why I never daily prompts either unless I had something that tied into my style. I will acknowledge cause I like the questions you asked. But seriously don’t take this personal. I am grateful you thought I was cool enough for this. 🙃

          Liked by 1 person

          1. No I do not. I am glad you are open and upfront about it. Must people might just ignore. .so no am glad you shared. most definitely cool. See you are helping a poor girl out who still don’t know all about blogging. .hehehe… no harm done. Not taking it personal. I do understand perfectly..I am thankful for your gratefulness. Lols..its cool

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Just gotta say this cause another blogger recently nominated me and I told her same thing and she deleted my comments cause she said it made me seem ungrateful. But it’s really not true. 😞


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