WordPressident #5

From the back of the line
Like the perpendicular symbol
To the middle of the line
Like lowercase t
Now at the front of the line
Like a tittle
999,999 29-year-old chiropractors behind me
I’m the million dollar baby
But I think outside the box
That’s why it only took 3 moves in line to connect the dots
At the back I was puzzled and didn’t know my way around the kitchen
Now I see the big picture but the wall it’s on got grease stains this one is from chicken
This one from fish
This one from fries
But everything taste like paint and wood
At least it don’t taste like cardboard
I been working at warehouses so long it’s starting to fuck with my taste buds
Even the drinks hot
What good is a cocktail umbrella in a glass of Capri Sun Roaring Waters
Or when you’re still paying more for the 20 ounce than ya are for the 2 liter
Refrigerator vs. fridge
Who put the D in the box with an inch that put mileage on … Aww fucking cold too many warehouse references I quit




Virtual Hug to the *girl* I *wonder* about … Darryan


21 thoughts on “WordPressident #5”

  1. Taste like paint and wood, came from. …home alone was it? ?? I know it’s a line me and my cousin used to say all the time from one of the many movies we watched a million times over. Hopefully I guessed right

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      1. Yeah I was trying to guess before clicking the link. Darn, I remembered that line though because we repeated it ALL the time! LOL I just couldn’t remember the movie right away.

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        1. Ha! I only used it cause it went with the whole scheme. I was referring to me eating the wall because it had the grease of my favorite foods on it.

          While I have your attention, could you do me a favor? It’s something you’re no stranger to. Could you give me a good starting or opening line to build off of? Not like you did in the past with the news stories but a concept or a sentence I could build with. Chocolate Heart and Sweet Perspective Of Ace are recent examples.


          1. Sure no problem, hate that you aren’t doing the news ones though I thought of you when I saw something crazy on the news a few weeks ago. But I’ll think of something

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            1. Remember I told you about MSN shutting down their MSNnow site? Since that I been sporadic with it. I just don’t have a source to build content off of. Yahoo really don’t help. My last one about The Breakup Text was completely my own; I didn’t use nothing to build it. Hopefully I can crank at least one before the year is over.


              1. “Did he just call the barbershop radio alexus, and she responded in a sexy voice? !” Lol true story just happened so there’s your line. Think you can work with that?


                  1. With my fiancé, lol sure. So, I was waiting in the lobby and I heard the barber say something like “Alexus, what’s on k97.5 right now” and then I heard the speakers I the shop reply back in a voice that sounds way better than gps,google, and/or siri. She sounds quite seductive actually lol. She said something like ” turning to k97.5 radio station now.” And then the radio came on. It was a first for me so I’m slightly amazed at the moment.


                    1. I never heard of something like that. What kind of radio is it, you know?

                      Yeah I can work with this. Sounds like a potential music post.

                      And that’s awesome you’re willing to sit in a barbershop with him. I hate being there waiting.


                    2. Yeah, it’s not so bad. But I had to leave for an appointment so I won’t be waiting the whole time this time. But yeah I wish I had asked before I had to leave, I’ll ask him when I leave my appointment. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! !

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                    3. Sure you heard Alexus? Because I think it’s Alexa. That’s the closes name to what you said. There is Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Alexa. About the appearance of he radio, was it shaped like a cylinder and black?


                    4. By the way, I just wanna say, I wasn’t taking shots at you or your fiancé. I only used Me as a last name and your comments on this post as an reference to this story being a foundation I built on. I took the direction I took after I read about the privacy concerns associated with the Amazon Echo. So I hope you wasn’t offended.


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