G-loves S-mitten (Say Love Again)

She didn’t want him like gloves

More like tilt your head to the thumb on mittens to see a lopsided heart

Their love is 90/10; 80/20

But X still goes into Y multiple times

Let’s not talk about the 70/30 with remainders remaining remains reminding reminders Reid mind read mines

But I will audio book this … A Gemini would’ve loved to weight watch the 50/50 of the twins on the Libra scale

Life is all about balance

And I would love to be your equal

Two minus signs intersecting is a plus for the times

Just don’t leave me in pieces around you like a division symbol

Remember that line about your heart being broken the number of your age?

Well it was like Valentines cause when I blew a kiss and the wind ripped the lid I saw it was a cover-up for the 30-piece assortment of chocolate candy assorted wrong

And you remember that puzzle I helped solve? Well I got butterfingers from it

And I’m sorry about the needle piercing yours trying to sew my shirt

I’ll wash the dishes for ya

Let me just roll up my sleeves so I can go to work

You know what went through my mind when I found out we do the same thing?

How this was meant to be
How I was meant for you
How you was meant for me

You know what went through my mind when my business trip switched from Orlando to Dallas and I found out that’s your favorite city in the whole wide world?

How your Texas-sized ass was something I had to see

You know what went through my mind when you asked about my lease?

How I was gone either be in for a trick or a treat come Halloween 2016

You can call me cute and pinch my cheek all you want, but I know you’re pinching to see if I’m your dream guy and to pull on my face to see if I’m wearing a mask

Guess what

I am




Kiss Peace 💋✌🏾


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