WordPressident #6

Detective on thee case
Narcissus body still hasn’t been discovered at the depths of a Greek lake
But since you like looking in the mirror every second of thee day
How about I shine my knife up real good so you can see your reflection in mee blade?
Question that needs A
Which genre shown?
Because when I creeped up with the sword like how Perseus turned Medusa into stone and bones
He clapped his face and said “ahhhhh” like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone
“He’s gone he’s gone”
Now I see why Eddie Griffin blinks when he laughs
But looking behind you while you run should be a thing of the past
Cause you kicked your feet on your mom’s coffee table
And now feeling my cold hands wrapped around your swollen ankles
I’m the monster underneath your bed dragging you from room to room
Magic carpet ride like Aladdin, fingernails sweep suck better than any broom vacuüm
Doom is soon whom consumed womb to tomb moon has bloomed into a pretty sunflower dress
Dusk to dawn donned ya dust under your skin I’ma annoying little punk, coward, pest
But it’s not you who they gone say that’s missing
They just gone say your old ways are cause you know you act different
I just got away with murder but I’m itching for a petite skinny body
And I might just catch one in my next post, Blog War 3 on Christmas anybody?


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