Constrained Writing: Cruelest Way To End A Realtionship In 10 Words

It wasn’t you. I was in love with my imagination. 


4 thoughts on “Constrained Writing: Cruelest Way To End A Realtionship In 10 Words”

  1. I originally posted, “Our son only reason I stayed, and now he’s grown.” Then as I wrote the following comment I realize this wasn’t cruel at all lol. This one is good too because I lot of people romanticize the person who they’re in a relationship and give them qualities that aren’t realistic. This happens a lot with people who haven’t spent a lot of time with the other like those in long distance relationships. Here is my original comment to my original post:

    Inspired by a reddit constrained writing prompt from 3 years ago. I decided to give this one because how easy it came to me, but also because I have observed a lot of couples only remain together for their kid’s sake. They’re out of love, can’t stand being around each other, etc. Maybe they grew up in a single parent home and don’t want their children to be raised the same. Or maybe they had both parents in the house and want the same for their kids. I guarantee if you took the kids didn’t exist for plenty couples they wouldn’t be together. I actually applaud people who are like this and would stay with someone cause they want to raise their children under one roof. This also lets me know the issues the couples are having isn’t that big of a deal because if it was so severe they would just opt to walk out and co-parent under another roof like so many others do. Now I think about it this not cruel at all lol. I may delete this.


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