Top lock for bottom incisors, canines
Door of ‘ortunity is not my opp’
Key to the city cut like the skyline
That’s why I don’t ball up my fist and knock
Hey, photographers, those aren’t lights at night
Bite marks on landmarks sinking teeth into
Playing matchmaker ‘til love at first sight
Orifice meets office, room thirty-two
The mismatches tell a better story
Darkness scattered in random directions
Scared, running from a litt Jason Voorhees
Even the puck and ice a good reference
Damn, one percent left, it’s time to phone home
Hung up when I realized I live alone


6 thoughts on “PO’ ET”

    1. You are pathetic! I cannot believe you actually used my damn poem as a way to allude to yourself and your home life. For all I know you only read the last two lines. I’m not changing those lines because of you neither. That would be power. I know I said let’s go back to WordPress comments but after this maybe that isn’t a good idea either.


    2. And another thing. Why would you say “home full of people” when 3 of the 4 people you’re alluding to are YOUR CHILDREN?! How in the world do they make you feel like you’re alone when all 3 of them are at a age they are dependent on you for nurture? Your kids not 20-something where they have their own life and priorities and gone all the time. I would’ve respected what you wrote if you were talking about your husband but you included people of your own creations. If you feel this way about people you gave life to and to a person who you vowed to spend the rest of your life with then I know a person like me stands no chance. Even your “sketches of freedom” makes me wonder. You are a very dangerous woman to be involved with.


      1. Perhaps I was being poetic in my comment but I apologize for even trying….I read it 2 or 3 times and thought hmm what’s a good reply other than “neat”. Your reference to “ET” made me think of a picture someone famous posted a few days ago (it’s now gone otherwise I would screenshot it and post it and you’d possibly understand). Anywho, everything isn’t always about me or at least not exactly. Never assume just take the question as a question. I could have used the regular phrase “alone in a room full of people” but I used home because it was in your poem.


  1. 10 syllables each line and ABAB CC rhyme scheme. This how I use to write my poems over 10 years ago (a style inspired by Shakespeare). I finally got my entrance. I been wanting to do something with a intro involving a door and this is it. I didn’t set out to write in 10 syllables. Originally the 3rd line was the opener and when I realized it had 10 syllables it forced my hand. I do enjoy this format because it really makes me edit and carefully choose my words.


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