Top lock for bottom incisors, canines
Door of ‘ortunity is not my opp’
Key to the city cut like the skyline
That’s why I don’t ball up my fist and knock
Hey, photographers, those aren’t lights at night
Bite marks on landmarks sinking teeth into
Playing matchmaker ‘til love at first sight
Orifice meets office, room thirty-two
The mismatches tell a better story
Darkness scattered in random directions
Scared, running from a litt Jason Voorhees
Even the puck and ice a good reference
Damn, one percent left, it’s time to phone home
Hung up when I realized I live alone


One thought on “PO’ ET”

  1. 10 syllables each line and ABAB CC rhyme scheme. This how I use to write my poems over 10 years ago (a style inspired by Shakespeare). I finally got my entrance. I been wanting to do something with a intro involving a door and this is it. I didn’t set out to write in 10 syllables. Originally the 3rd line was the opener and when I realized it had 10 syllables it forced my hand. I do enjoy this format because it really makes me edit and carefully choose my words.


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