The Ampersand


5 thoughts on “The Ampersand”

    1. You told me something I didn’t know, if that looks like a sad face. If you paid attention to the actual length of the ampersand and ribbon you would know the former is longer than the latter. Also, the pieces intentionally have a curve ‘cause that’s how the tail end of the ribbon is cut. Don’t you see the scissors (of which I asked you to help me out with yesterday) there? Is it not clear?


      1. No I didn’t mean to have the hey there, didn’t realize it was there until you pointed it out….I thought the sad face was because his actual intention was to make the awareness ribbon…sorry about the scissors I partially forgot but also thought you were going to draw them.


        1. No, I never intended to make a sad face with the left over pieces, but it’s cool it’s right there. And, umm, yes, his intention the whole was to make the awareness ribbon. She just caught him at the beginning. The illustrations are in that order for a reason.

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