Can a bih marry Juana in this joint?

420 on a foggy Friday day
Can’t see the forest for the tree i hug
Yeah it’s Friday but i’m going to bake
Mary Jane exhaled, “hey, no glove, no love
i don’t want your seeds that sticky icky”
So planted tulips on her rosy cheeks
And i snooped around in my blue Dickies
Fuck TruGreen! i like having grassy weeds
My i’s low no more capital letters
Uppercuts to uppercases wham bam
i got the munchies ultimate cheddar
Catching a red-eye flight to Amsterdam
Going back to Cali for brownie points
Can a bih marry Juana in this joint?


34 thoughts on “Can a bih marry Juana in this joint?”

    1. I appreciate it. I really do. I was looking at my old posts earlier and saw we been reading each other blogs since 2013. Your progress from then to now is inspirational. So your comments mean much. 👍🏾


      1. Aw thanks! Same to you! I told Johnny, “yea he and I have been talking to each other on WP for years!!” Lol I love it. I’m sure there are more good reads to come. I’m overhauling my website right now for the final time haha. I did post some stuff yesterday about kanye dumbass and Andy Mineo though. Was thinking about some poeTREY today…we’ll see..

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        1. Yeah, I see your stuff in my email as soon as you post. Because you not on this version of WordPress I can’t just comment like I use to. I can “like” it but to comment it always make me log in with my info. I guess I’m just lazy and that’s why I let you post multiple times so I can comment all at once. Don’t know if that’s how that WordPress is set up that you have to log in each time. I also don’t get your replies even when I hit the notification to. I recently went on your site and saw your reply back on my own.


            1. I just saw the email. You must set it up where I don’t have to log in each time to comment? Cause I can “like” it without logging in.

              P.S. I’m using the app. Not the desktop or mobile site.


                    1. Here’s what just happened. It didn’t show up on my feed but when I clicked your icon it showed as well as your other posts. I left a comment but it kept giving me an error. It also makes it look like you just started blogging cause it doesn’t show all your subs. Hope this helps.

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    1. I actually already had this line before I started. Since I was little I would think of things and write it in a composition book to store for later use. I don’t do it as much but most of the stuff here came in the process. When I say sometimes these things write themselves they really do.

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      1. That’s how I felt last night writing the song for Brittany. That’s a good idea though, I may steal it lol and start writing lines down for later. I mean I was dreaming songs last night it was wild.

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    1. That realization was so funny ‘cause I swore I had it right. I confused the $20 with $25 🤣. I was like “I can’t be 5 20’s.

      I bet you won’t catch the hidden gem in it. I actually just edited it to reflect a particular line. Thought it was clever.


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