Last post for a few months (not this one)

I’m going to write one more post for September. There will be no posts in October. Why? I’m preparing for NaNoWri in November. I did it last year and I want to do it again, but this time, I want time on my side. After the second week of November I was struggling to find quality inspiration. Had to rely on post ideas that weren’t ready for prime time. There were a few good posts that month but they could have been better if I had more time. I will essentially have two months to prepare this content. I’m thinking a comic spin off of Passport Bear and some other series I’m working on for YouTube. Speaking of which, I have to stop giving this blog time. I been here over 7 years and haven’t reached any of my goals but I appreciate this blog because it’s responsible for 90% of the writing I did in that time span. That also reminds me, I need to get back to my poetry, comedy, music books I was doing before WordPress.

I don’t wanna do any random type posts. I want to mix it up with Future News, series and poetry.

My last post until November will come this month sometime. The only exception is if it’s a timely post and it will be irrelevant in November.

I have also lost 10-15 pounds. Why this matters? Because I firmly believe your body and mind is one. When you take care of your body the mind will fall in line. Therefore, all these posts I been writing since I was my ideal shape (2012-2013) are WEAK. The only exceptions I will say are Passport Bear and my scripts for my YouTube channel. I can only imagine the type of shit I will start writing once these pounds continue to fall. I already feel the difference in my clothes , especially the thigh area. I also will start back reading again smh. Something that is part of my fucking identity. I can’t remember the last time I read a fucking book. It’s not like I don’t have the time when I spend it on doing bullshit like reading BS on the internet. So combine losing weight with reading then I will be a beast again.


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