“Cici Better See-See Me” (WordPresident #22)

I’m not the type to throw the word “love” around … unless you are around
Dress you in LV
Put the round around your neckie
That E, deadly
If looks could kill
I’m six feet
That means
I’m falling harder in love
Harder in Love
Parted the gloves
Shawty is a … 10, a knockout, starry and doves
Sorry to scrub … the E off
But the silence didn’t turn me off
Meep meep gone
Wasn’t blasted to hell
Just was casted a spell on my bee’s scrawl
Maybe the round don’t have to be a round?
Maybe a half a round?
Yeah-yeah, it deserve to be U in that emergency room for the fourth time having the Fourth’s first
And probably last? surgery to the purpley foods
Eggplant and grapes
Let me just say stars align over Star Wars but May The Fourth Be With You like the anniversary to
Futuristically yours, the purging of used, the purpose of new
She even worded a few self-letters in reverse it was cool
If I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet, U-N-I I’m merging the two
Become 1, damn, did I just mix letters with numbers? Guess I did some learning in school because it did help me later in life, to the math teachers that made me show my work and the proof you certainly rule
Reminded of one of my favorite verses from Lu’
“Cici better see-see me” thought he was talking about email when I heard it, a fool
Swerving them boos to park in Cha’s lot
Oops I forgot the R oooh looks like you forgot it too
Question, if I hollered your username to the heavens, would you think about my absence or your presence?
I know, headspin, no, all l I know is the former need to be former and the latter needs to be a ladder to heaven
Be my angel food I’m left with Hellmann’s
At first I couldn’t tell the difference
It was dessert, sandwich second
And don’t even get me started on my breakfast
I said don’t get me started on breakfast
I said … I said …
You heard what I said? I said don’t get me started on breakfast (She don’t hear me tho like she ain’t near me tho, TURN UP! Bring your ass to the front like I can see your ass from the front! Why shawt tryna rear-end me folk?)
Girl, you should’ve never got me started (over there looking like a meal on wheels for real, 3 course of course throwing me off course got me coarse hahahahaha)


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