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2 U’s in Future.

“Catch” Phrases

The waiting room day and night
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Dear Har-old,

“I can’t wait … ”

“I don’t have time for … ”

Catch these phrases as you say them.

These phrases indirectly contribute to impatience.

Impatience is one of the from’s we are working on.

Remember: You have nothing but time!

Patience is a skill-it will NOT come naturally.

Everything good WILL happen IF you give it time:

The grass WILL grow again.

You WILL be the first in line.

She WILL have sex.

The red-light WILL turn green.

Your money WILL be together … again.

That person WILL shut up.


Think of yourself as a Prisoner Of Patience.

Think before you speak.

Next time you are on the verge of saying one of those phrases, catch it and re-word it:

“I will not tolerate … ”

“I’m a busy man.”

Patience will also improve your foresight.

Often misquoted and it is no exception here: “If you build it (improve the from’s impatience and living for the moment), they will come (the to’s patience and foresight).”

Futuristically yours,



Har-old, I Am Your Father!

Dear Har-old,

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “When one has not had a good father, one must create one.”

Har-old, I am your father!

Remember: You are your own father.

Do not let yourself spend years creating yourself only to let your guard down and allow the ghost of the past-father, habit, history-to sneak back in.

Because as you grow older, you must be eternally vigilant lest you become the father you rebelled against.

Eliminate the human father!

It’s there. But intensify your dislike for him!

Hate his cunning, his “gift of gab”, his drinking and whoring, his love of wrestling, sowing of wild oats, criminality, hate the name and number and keeping it alive through your son, his “papa was a rolling stone” nature and all his other wastes of time.

Make yourself the very opposite!

You’re already honest, shy and quiet, never drinked or “whored” yourself, don’t watch wrestling as much as you use to, have no kids, never been imprisoned, have innumerable aliases, and you will be the World’s Number One Dad (hint, hint).

Move in a totally different direction.

Create your own world!

Futuristically yours,


Bring You Back

Dear Shae,

“Look around you, look up here
Take time to make time
Make time to be there
Look around, be a part
Feel for the winter
But don’t have a cold heart”

Remember the ones you had to leave waiting while you’ve been doing your massive self-renovation.

Look up!

Remember the message from one of our favorite songs and incorporate it.

A must!

Futuristically yours,

“Looking back at you”

Backseat Love

The backseat of a Town Car, the most common ch...
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Dear Har-old,

It started when you was 13.

Mad at grandma. You sat in the backseat instead of the front.

Distancing yourself away from the source of your anger.

But something happened…

You got over it.

But whenever it’s just you and grandma getting in the car, you still sit in the back. Even to this very day.

From other’s POV it looks like you are mad at her, hate her, mean, evil, blah blah blah.

But you’re not.

You like sitting in the backseat.


One day your uncle asked, “Har-old, when do you plan on learning how to drive?”

You said, “I don’t. I plan on riding in the back of limos for the rest of my life. I’m a star.”

Har-old, you are a star!

Your persistence is amazing!

Futuristically yours,


You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Angry Talk (Comic Style)
Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

Dear Har-old,

Only girls are cute when they’re upset. You have a penis. Har-old, no one likes you when you are angry. You know why? Because it is out of proportion to what occasioned it. You are too uptight! You take things too personal, too seriously (so sensitive to slight that it becomes comical), and you exaggerate the hurt or insult.

And you know where that comes from?

Holding grudges!

How many times have you got mad at your grandma in the todays and thought about the yesterdays she borrowed your five dollars without your permission?

How many times have you got mad at your mother in the todays and thought about the yesterdays of letting her borrow $180 and she showed reluctance in paying you back?

How many times have you got mad at your father in the todays and thought about the yesterdays of him missing birthdays?

How many times have you got mad at ‘Era in the todays and thought about yesterday’s “dog” incident?

Forgive and forget. That’s the end of that right? Forgiveness is the highest ceiling, right? Not quite. Har-old, master your emotions and truly love that person. Try it. New thinking!

Know the phrase, “I forgot why I was mad.” When you are angry switch and occupy your mind with a subject of interest for five minutes.

Put your headphones in your ear, listen to Max B and sing.

Your Billion Dollar Library is 24 books and counting; 17 of which you haven’t read yet.

Think of scenes from The Social Network. Watch the trailer over and over and over.

Create a 5 minute on-demand mind-video of your winning moments! You can also think of me; play out future arms-raising, chest-hitting moments.

Transmute that negative energy into creative effort. Work on a mock Yeebizan.

Don’t let the cork of bottled up anger put an eye out!

As Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Futuristically yours,


The Son She Never Had

Dear Har-old,

What is the one positive about Betty & Co. moving in? You know how life will be if you lived with them full-time. Remember it’s only been 6 months. Believe it or not. But imagine years. Years of getting swords pulled out on you! Years of putting up with Betty’s attitude! Years of arguing with Jalisha and Christina’s baby daddies! Years of babies crying and disturbing you from working! Years of disagreements, fights, and petty squabbles! Years of paranoia surrounding someone touching and stealing your possessions! YEARS! If you take anything away from these past six months, let it be appreciation for your grandma taking you in when you was a baby and raising you. You are the son she never had!

Futuristically yours,