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Long Hallways (Falling For Forever)

I’m falling forever
They pulled the ground right from under my airs
I’m falling forever
Friendly skies please teach me how to walk on air
I never hurt you with my fist
My punches landed one hundred percent
I don’t know what could be worse
Then “hold my beer” is what I heard …

Long hallways
Don’t know how I got inside
Long hallways
With no ending in sight
Long hallways
No door to put my foot in
Long hallways
No window for the rain to hit up against
Long hallways
No corners to cut at all
Long hallways
Gotta crawl before I can walk
Long hallways
I’m tired of being lonely and googly-eyed in my search
Long hallways
I wish I could listen to a picture with a thousand words
Long hallways
It’s dark and I wanna bump into something
Long hallways
Maybe if I dance like Michael Jackson these paving stones will start glowing?
Long hallways
I’m never gonna get outta here
Long hallways
Because I was cool with being a hot head with a warm heart but I hate cold hands and drunk all its beer

As always,
Long hallways

Today is my birthday, and I’m riding high …

Do You!

The heart of your conversation earlier with Ranita:

Har-old-Is there any advice, you being 40, you can offer me being 24? Like, something you wish someone told you at my age?

Ranita- Do you! Get your education. And, don’t worry about them.

Har-old-Who is them?

Ranita-Them is so-called friends, fake people, doubters, girls. Don’t let no one distract you from working on you and your success.

Har-old-I’ll be honest. I am distracted by girls. So, you think I should just stay away from them?

Ranita-No, I didn’t say that. It’s okay to have a little girlfriend or just a friend. But getting settled down and being in a committed relationship, don’t do it. I got married at 19, had 4 kids and wish someone told me this. And now, I’m starting over. You need to focus on your education, getting your degree, and worry about what’s gone make you successful. Being distracted by a relationship is something we all go through. So, you gone have to find a way to take your focus off the other person and become distracted with your own self. You’re a handsome young man, on your own, seem like you got your head on straight. You don’t want to get caught up with these lil’ girls out here. They want your money. The one thing about women is that we will wait on you. No matter how long it takes. So if she’s the right one for you, and wants you to succeed, she will wait. All those people you named, Zuckerberg, Jobs, they didn’t let no one distract them, if they did, they would NOT be where they are now. Do you, baby!

Are you getting it now, son? DO YOU! Grrrrr!!!



P.S. I’m so happy you’re smart enough to see the messages in things. Big or small. You’re a thinker. Losing your technology for a few days did some good.

You get two days to cry (after that…)

Cj 28,

What is happening to you? Your light is dimming. There is a faraway look in your eyes. You are compromising so much of yourself. What happens to doing your best? Do you believe that living a mediocre life is doing your best?

Look at yourself. STOP with the “buts”.

Be silent and just look at yourself. How will you ever meet me if you waste away in depression? What happens to knowing that nothing new can come into your life until you are grateful for that which you already have? What happens to knowing that sometimes you have to be at a particular place before you can get to your destination? You don’t just ARRIVE.

What is that I see? Tears. Ok. CRY. I want you to cry. I am giving you two days. Only two day to just cry. Throw yourself the pity party. Embrace the part of the story that keeps you wallowing in your own sadness like a pig wallowing in mud. After that, the tears are enough. You are just one pitiful woman expecting the world to feel sorry for you. I am giving you two days to cry because after that it is just sad. You are just sad. Look at you sitting there – crying about a problem you just recently attempted to address; wanting the problem to go away as soon as you think it.

Seriously CJ28, seriously?

Harry Potter is for Hollywood my dear. Leave magical things to the big screen. Life’s challenges will never disappear with the flick of a wand.

Answer this question, when you are driving in a downpour – can you see ahead clearly if your windshield wipers are defective? Ok, I thought so too. So why do you think that you will be able to see clearly with all the tears in your eyes. You cannot figure out the answers to the important questions because you have defective wipers in your life. Go and get them fixed.

Now CJ28, this is what I want you to do after day 2. Wipe your eyes and embrace the other side of the story. There is always a positive side to the story. I can’t tell you the answer. It is there and you will figure it out. So, just get those wipers fixed and the answer will come to you.

…and please remember, you are here today so that you can be somewhere else in the future.

Futuristically yours,