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Don’t tilt the novel, keys open the door
Not the ones with incisors and canines
Put the candle back, keys open the door
The ones with the chopsticks and the fork tines
Now that’s how you open a got damn book
Or a library, welcome to the shhh
Quite quiet ‘nough hear a pen drop you could
Wish Stephen Hawkings was able to pick … shhh
Lightskin from Memphis, I’m a Redmayne too
And I’m the third’s child – a john to black holes
That’s why it’s Michael Myers that comes to
Instead of Jason Voorhees on the stroll
Vrin vrin vrin on thin ice skate fall run fall
Not the great one I’m the only one y’all

Happy 7th Blogiversary FY!!!


Can a bih marry Juana in this joint?

420 on a foggy Friday day
Can’t see the forest for the tree i hug
Yeah it’s Friday but i’m going to bake
Mary Jane exhaled, “hey, no glove, no love
i don’t want your seeds that sticky icky”
So planted tulips on her rosy cheeks
And i snooped around in my blue Dickies
Fuck TruGreen! i like having grassy weeds
My i’s low no more capital letters
Uppercuts to uppercases wham bam
i got the munchies ultimate cheddar
Catching a red-eye flight to Amsterdam
Going back to Cali for brownie points
Can a bih marry Juana in this joint?


Top lock for bottom incisors, canines
Door of ‘ortunity is not my opp’
Key to the city cut like the skyline
That’s why I don’t ball up my fist and knock
Hey, photographers, those aren’t lights at night
Bite marks on landmarks sinking teeth into
Playing matchmaker ‘til love at first sight
Orifice meets office, room thirty-two
The mismatches tell a better story
Darkness scattered in random directions
Scared, running from a litt Jason Voorhees
Even the puck and ice a good reference
Damn, one percent left, it’s time to phone home
Hung up when I realized I live alone


To: Cj 31

My dearest Cj 31, You are closer to me now than when we first met. I can see you picking up the pieces from the past three years of your life. You have seen some dark days; days I could not prepare you for. And you felt pain that cut deep to the core of your soul. I heard your screams from nine years away. And during that time you blocked me out – trapped in the darkness of your experiences. I watched you sleep-walking through your days. I watched you at nights when you twisted in your sleep – disturbed by dark memories of the past that your mind replayed. And I watched, always frustrated that I cannot tell you if nine years from now you will be just fine. So I waited. I tapped on your shoulders and you shuffled. I tapped again and you answered. I was so happy that you finally responded to me so that I could let you know that:

Life teaches us…because you will never be able to put the broken pieces together again you must cleanbroken glass up and move on. Remember that the cleaning up process is different every time. Don’t compare one process to the next. It keeps you stuck. Sometimes you will get out of the situation unscathed. Other times – you will feel great pain; the sharp edges of the glass will cut you deep or the splinters will penetrate your flesh and you will bleed. This is not a reason to leave the  broken parts of your life untouched because it is only through cleaning up that you will learn the techniques of removing the splinters (the source of your pain). In time you will. 


Cj 31, I see you picking up the pieces. I am still frustrated that I cannot disclose whether I am now proudAwakening of you. But I want you to know that I see you picking up the broken pieces. I see you.



Futuristically yours,



Why You’ll Never Be Great

1. You make excuses rather than find a way
2. You lack focus
3. You put everyone else’s ideas/desires before your own
4. You fear commitment (to your dreams)
5. You lack enthusiasm
6. You lack initiative
7. You care about what others think
8. You fail to see opportunity in EVERY situation
9. You talk too much
10. You stopped believing (this is the ultimate blow, NEVER EVER STOP BELIEVING)


A Quarter Of A Century

“Watch when you wake up that morning you’re going to be like, I’m not taking nobody’s stuff anymore!” Says your older female classmate/new-found friend.

The best part about that statement is your birthday is two weeks away and you’ve already started that mindset. It has been a rocky year from start until now. You witnessed your own family turn into hindrances  for you. You have hurt from pain and scars you thought you’d never have and you have even done some things you thought you’d never do. What has it taught you though? Nobody is going to look out for you and yours more than YOU! These battles have equipped you for all out warfare if you need to, to get to where you are trying to go in life.

I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Ms. Me, you have changed not only your attitude but you have a new look to match it. You are starting to exude confidence and have began to embrace a mind of your own! Yes, you still make mistakes but you know how to live with them! You have finally got the picture: this isn’t your mama’s life, nor your daddy’s life, nor your siblings lives, it’s YOURS!

Last but not least, love may be a desire but love is not your primary focus. I am so glad that you are finally seeing how much your goals mean to you and that love will come when it comes! You may still shed your tears over love lost but you still keep in mind that what is meant to be will be!

Who is this woman I see in the mirror now……….ME!!!


-M(R)S. ME