Nothing Need be said about who I Be.

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Robby Ransom

I'm a writer, blogger, and i go to school for photography Above all else I believe in the power of Love and Positivity. I am also a huge fan of most things that involve chocolate.

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A. Analise

I'm a writer, blogger, and Youtuber, I also like and do art and photography.

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I am not a writer... yet, I have this blog.

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LaMonique Hamilton Barnes

Arts geek. Wife. Mom. Former Features/Entertainment writer at Rocky Mount Telegram. Development and Program Manager at Lillian's List. Founder/Editor of PIEhole Magazine. Positive|Innovative|Engaging.

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Yes, I am a grey cat.

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Impulsive do-er. Recovering fashion addict (constantly relapsing). Full time college bum. Part time blogger. Lover of all things weird and beautiful.

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3 Articles


2 U’s in Future.

428 Articles

CJ Allen

3 Articles


3 Articles


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Feather Story

5 Articles


What else can I say other than...I am Me! You'll just have to drop me a line to learn anything more!

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