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Only The Strong Survive: Dying A Virgin (Scene 3)

Scene 3

*Day 6*

Lil’ Mama: Harold we need to talk!!!

HIV: Can it wait … I’m playing the game.

Lil’ Mama: That game has a pause button!

HIV: I wish you had a mute button … aye! Aww hell nah! It’s finna be some domestic violence up in this house1

Lil’ Mama: Boy if you beat me up it’s gone be in the bedroom, not in the living room.

HIV: Look what we need to talk about that’s so important?

Lil’ Mama: Lyric’s dying wish!

HIV: You unplugged my game for that??? Look how many times I gotta say NO?!

Lil Mama: Harold do you know what today is?

HIV: Tuesday.

Lil’ Mama: No today is the day our daughter will die.

HIV: I thought that was tomorrow.

Lil’ Mama: 2 days ago Lyric told me she was gone commit suicide today.

HIV: Kill yo’self!

Lil Mama: So you think that’s funny? Well let’s see if you think this funny: I want a divorce … you ain’t laughing now are you? haha

HIV: Half!!!

Lil Mama: That’s right … I want half! You a Jimmy Ni: You got another half>

HIV: Okay you got me!  Yes, yes, yes, yes. Lyric is granted her dying wish okay damn!

Lil Mama: Now I will plug yo’ game back up.

*Next scene*

Lil’ Mama: Lyric … no!!!!

Lyric: Stay right there … if y’all get any closer I will kick away the chair.

Lil’ Mama: Baby you don’t have to commit suicide … yo’ daddy said yes!

Lyric: Yes?!

HIV: … yes.

Lyric: Jason!!!

HIV: On the way here me and Jason had a talk.

Lil’ Mama: Yeah and whatever it was about he didn’t want me, Lil’ Harold, and Jada  to hear it. He made us do the G-Slide over here.

Jason: Oh! He just told me I couldn’t hit Lyric from the back.

HIV: My daughter ain’t a bitch!!!

Lyric: It’s alright! You gotta look me the face to pop my cherry anyway.

Fifth: Damn … everybody getting some: Lyric finna get some, mom been giving dad some all this week and Jada gave me some.

Jada: I shouldn’t have gave you none: 13 inches my ass!!!

Fifth: I thought we did doggystyle.

HIV: Well y’all let’s give these two horny kids some privacy!

Jada: He ain’t getting no more of this!

HIV: I’m not talking about y’all two. I’m talking about Jason’s Lyric … but before we do I would like to introduce everybody to Mr. Gayheart.

Jason: Who is he and what he doing here?

HIV: Well I’m glad to see that the cat don’t got your tongue yet. I’m glad you asked … he is here to marry both of y’all.

Fifth: But dad ain’t that’s bigamy.

HIV: No son that’s big of me, not big of you.

Jada: You got that right.

Lil’ Mama: But baby they too young.

HIV: No they not! I always wanted my daughter to save herself for her husband.

Jason: It don’t matter … I’ma be a widower soon anyway so …

Lyric: Yeah and I’ll do anything to not die a virgin so ….

Mr. Gayheart: Well okay we are gathered here today to …

Lyric: Stop, stop, stop can you skip all that and just ask us if we do?

Mr. Gayheart: Yes. Lyric do you take Jason to be your lawful wedded husband?

Lyric: I do!

Mr. Gayheart: Jason do you take Lyric to be your lawful wedded wife?

Jason: I do!

Mr. Gayheart: I now pronounce you husband and wife … you may now kiss the bride.

Lyric: Okay now everybody get outta here … I want him to kiss my other lips.

HIV: Now the cat finna get his tongue!

Lyric: We don’t need no condom … we married!

Jason: Baby you have AIDS!

Lyric: … oh yeah!

*One minute later*

Doctor: I’m happy yo’ dying wish came true!

Ms. Lyric: Doctor, doctor, I need to talk to you! What you doing here?

HIV: I’m here with my daughter!

Ms. Lyric: Omigod that’s your daughter????

HIV: Yeah so what’s the big deal?

Ms. Lyric: I need to tell you why I was late to your video shoot: I was at the hospital and I shared a room with your daughter who I didn’t know was your daughter and I switched our charts.

Lyric: So you the one with AIDS?

Ms. Lyric: I got AIDS?!?!

Doctor: Well there goes my next 2 patients.

Lil’ Mama: Harold!!! Ooooh I hope he didn’t fall out cuz he fucked her!

*Commercial Break*

*Roll Credits*


Only The Strong Survive: Dying A Virgin (Scene 2)

Scene 2

Lil Mama: Harold, wake up , wake up

HIV: Huh? Oh baby! Thank you for waking me up! I was having a Freddy Kruger. How come you can remember yo’ nightmares but you can’t remember yo’ dreams?

Lil’ Mama: What you had a nightmare about? Hold on, let me guess: You had a nightmare that Lyric got AIDS and only had a week to live and her dying wish was to lose her virginity?

HIV: Yeah … how you know?

Lil’ Mama: B-cuz Im having the same nightmare!

Lyric: Hey daddy!!!

HIV: Aww you tryna tell me this shit real? Lyric, the doctor said you can have ANY wish you want … why you wanna lose yo’ virginity?

Lyric: B-cuz they say if you die a virgin you gone go to hell.

Fifth: Lyric that’s just for boys. If a girl die a virgin, she’ll go to heaven.

Lyric: Lil Harold go to hell; you still a virgin.

Jada: Not for long.

Lyric: Even if that is true, I still want me some dick before I leave up out this bitch and daddy you ain’t gone stop me, mama you ain’t gone stop me, and Jason if you try to stop me, I’ma rape you! I’ma be dead in a week, I won’t be in jail long.

Jason: Baby you ain’t gotta worry about that

HIV: Boy you need to be worried about me tryna kill you!

Jason: Then me and Lyric would just be doing it in heaven then you gotta kill yo’self just to stop us!!!

HIV: Look Lyric do you believe in re-incarnation?

Lyric: That shit ain’t real.

HIV: Yes it is!

Lyric: Who you know got re-incarnated?

HIV: Tupac

Lyric: What is Tupac re-incarnated?

HIV: 50 Cent, Ja Rule, DMX, Young Jeezy, Baby, Treach, Michael Jordan …

Everybody: Michael Jordan?!

HIV: He’s bald head and dark-skinned … anyway the point I’m tryna make is: if you’re re-incarnated you ain’t my daughter then you do whatever you want to but as long as you’re my daughter it ain’t happening captain.

Lyric: Doctor can he do this???

Doctor: As crazy as it sounds, even though you’re dying you will still need yo’ parents permission.

Lyric: Mom!!!

Lil’ Mama: Harold she is dying and Lyric if that’s the last thing you wanna do before you die then yes.

Lyric: Dad?

HIV: Hell to the nah!

Lyric: Well we just gone sneak and do it.

HIV: Well that would be impossible cuz you gotta stay in the hospital for the last week of yo’ life and Jason you are banned from this hospital for the next week … SECURITY!

Jason: But what if I get sick or something???

HIV: Watch General Hospital

Lyric: Doctor does he got that type of power???

Doctor: I’m afraid so!

Lyric: Omigod I’m the one that’s having the nightmare … dad can me and Jason at least have phone sex?

HIV: Ummm doctor can you please remove the phone from this room?

Lyric: Dad is it me or is it Jason?

HIV: It’s Jason.

Lyric: So if I wanted to lose my virginity to somebody other than Jason, you’ll grant my wish?

HIV: Of course … but I have to pick the person.

Lyric: Who you have in mind?

HIV: Magic Johnson..

Everybody: Magic Johnson!!!

HIV: Think about it: both y’all already have AIDS so nobody won’t catch it and plus y’all can do it raw.

Lyric: My name is Lyric … not Cookie!

*Day 4*

Lil’ Mama: Look what I got …

Lyric: Wow … another present! Just put it over there with the rest

Lil’ Mama: Why haven’t you opened none of yo’ presents?

Lyric: Ma it’s only one present I want before I die and you know what that is. I don’t even wanna be around nobody but Jason but mama you cool and plus I need to talk to you anyway.

Lil Mama: So what you been doing?

Lyric: I just been writing my will … and tell daddy he ain’t getting nothing: 2 syllables.

Lil’ Mama: I don’t think he need nothing else. Between you and him, I don’t know who’s been getting more presents these last couple days. He thinks he’s the one that’s dying.

Lyric: So is the plan working?

Lil’ Mama: Nope! Yo’ daddy know exactly what we doing.

Lyric: Maybe if you give daddy some he’ll let me get some.

Lil’ Mama: That’s what I been doing … I’ve been keeping the lip gloss on my other lips popping … Lyric what is this?

Lyric: My suicide note!

Lil’ Mama: Why you write a suicide note?

Lyric: B-cuz I wanna die early! If dad don’t grant my wish, I’ma kill myself on the day before I’m suppose to die from AIDS and ma if this suicide note ain’t enough motivation for you to make daddy grant my wish, I’ma tell you something I never told nobody so this is exclusive: The reason why I don’t like walkin’ home from school no more is b-cuz one time a junkie tried to rape me but don’t worry I got away while he was chasin’ me. I caused a diversion and made it rain but daddy make me wish I did get raped.

Lil’ Mama: Why?

Lyric: B-cuz I wouldn’t be going through this drama he putting me through today. He always telling me to don’t go to bed mad and look I’m finna die mad.

*Commercial Break*

Scene 3 dropping at 7PM tomorrow 🙂

Only The Strong Survive: Dying A Virgin (Scene 1)

*Originally titled I’m With Jimmy Ni, I wanted the name of my show to be a play on words and a play on its content. This episode Dying A Virgin mirrors that. This is one of my best stories. The progression in my story-telling is clear here. This was also my first time attempting to do a side-story. It kind of worked. I also cut down from my usual 5 scenes to 3. This is the original raw script from 2007.*

Dying A Virgin: 6+29+7

Benny Boom: Aye yo HIV you either find you another principal girl or you gone have to find you another music video director.

HIV: If Ms. Lyric don’t show up in this video’s running time which is 4 minutes, I’ma call Angel b.

Benny Boom: Well I’m glad we ain’t shooting a movie.

HIV: You see what I see.

Ms. Lyric: Harold and Benny I apologize for my tardiness.

HIV: Ms. Lyric, Ms. Lyric, Ms. Lyric, are you a Jay-Z fan?

Ms. Lyric: Yeah.

HIV: Well that would explain why you think you’re irreplaceable. F.Y.I. I was just about to call Angel.

Ms. Lyric: I can explain!

HIV: *phone rings* Hold that thought, it’s my wife, heaven high …

Benny Boom: Hello Ms. Lyric I ain’t on the phone.

Ms. Lyric: Oh Benny! I ain’t tryna use it as an excuse but I was at the hospital.

Benny Boom: Why was you at the hospital?

Ms. Lyric: For health concerns.

Benny Boom: What’s wrong with you?

Ms. Lyric: The doctor said I’m fine but I know for a FACT I’m not fine.

Benny Boom: Since when you know more than a doctor?

Ms. Lyric: Since I started switching charts!

Benny Boom: Switching charts!!!

Ms. Lyric: I shared a room wit some teenage girl, while she was sleeping I switched our charts around.

Benny Boom: Why you do that?

Ms. Lyric: B-cuz I had a feeling the doctor was gone gimme bad news and what I don’t know won’t hurt me and at first I wasn’t gone do it but when I seen her name …

Benny Boom: Well you better hope you ain’t got nothing serious and if you do: you ain’t my bitch and she wasn’t my daughter. I got all boys!!!

HIV: Aye y’all I gotta go, family emergency!

Ms. Lyric: But don’t you wanna know hear why I was late.

HIV: Fuc-get it!

Benny Boom: I ain’t directing yo’ next video.

*next scene*

Doctor: Mr. Strong welcome …

HIV: Jada and Jason what y’all doing here?

Doctor: I just feel that your daughter Lyric needs to be around her loved ones: her boyfriend Jason, her best friend Jada, her brother Fifth, her mother Lil’ Mama ,and you, her father, HIV, when I give her this news.

Lil’ Mama: What news?

Doctor: Yo’ daughter has AIDS and only has a week to live!

Jason: Why everybody lookin’ at me for? Y’all should be lookin’ at him … his name is HIV.

HIV: Boy are you tryna say I had sex wit my daughter?!

Lyric: Hold up … wait a minute … guys … but doc’ … I’ma virgin!

HIV: That statement just saved yo’ life boy!

Doctor: Are you sure you’re a virgin?

Lyric: Yes I’m sure! What kind of question is that?

Doctor: Excuse me! What I meant to say was: are you sure you haven’t been in any contact wit somebody who’s affected wit HIV besides sexual contact b-cuz I know you’re a virgin b-cuz I checked and yo’ hymen is still intact.

Lyric: What other ways could I have contracted Aids besides sex?

Doctor: Umm … a tattoo b-cuz of the usage of dirty needles …

HIV: My daughter don’t have no mutha …

Lyric: Dad, dad, dad, dad.

HIV: Huh? What are you doing?


Lil’ Mama: Umm…doctor Lyric won’t be dying in a week. She gone die today! Lil’ girl you think that’s funny putting CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE around yo’ pussy? How long have you had that?

Lyric: For about 9 months!

Lil’ Mama: Lyric that’s a birth!!!

Doctor: Well that would explain it folks: if she woulda contracted Aids recently it can be treated to where she can live wit it but since she got that tattoo 9 months ago, she can’t be treated.

Lil’ Mama: Now you see why me and yo’ daddy be all up in y’all’s business … Lil’ Harold are you takin’ steroids?

Fifth: Hell nah mama! That shit make yo’ dick little! I’m 13 inches!!!

Jada: I’m single!

Doctor: I would like to introduce everyone to  … Mr. Strong are you alright?

HIV: I won’t be if I hear or see anything else that’s shocking doc’. I’m about this close to passing out and being yo’ next patient.

Doctor: Well hopefully that won’t happen. Okay, I would like to introduce everybody to Dick Jerkins of The Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is here to grant Lyric her dying wish. Lyric it can be anything you want. We will give you some time to think about the last thing you wanna do before you die.

Lyric: Hold up doc’! I don’t need no time to think about my dying wish. I already got it!

Doctor: You do?

Lyric: Yes but I don’t think Dick Jerkins can help me wit it even though he is fine.

Doctor: Okay, what is it then?

Lyric: My dying wish is to lose my virginity!

Jason: YES!!!

Lil’ Mama: Harold!!!

Doctor: Well there goes my next patient!

*Theme Music*

*Commercial Break – I did my own commercials too but I only wrote a few*

Scene 2 dropping tomorrow at 7PM 🙂

Reality TV (Episode 1, Scene 3)

*Due to internet connection issues, Scene 3 didn’t post yesterday. Therefore, I am posting both 3 and 4 today. The latter will be scheduled for 7PM. This is the scene that her moms say, “Laughing isn’t ladylike.” As I said in the first scene, this is the raw unedited script. Completely uncensored! Only changes I made are punctuational.*

Reality TV: 11+14+06

Summer – So, I’m not sucking yo’ dick enuff or something?

Harold – Say what?!

Summer – I said, I’m must not sucking yo’ dick enuff cuz ya got something else deep throating ya

Harold – Damn, yo’ friends still tryna break us up?!

Summer – Nah I don’t have a friend named Red Devil.

Harold – Who is Red Devil?

Summer – The vacuüm cleaner Harold, the vacuüm cleaner. 10 seconds into vacuuming the living room carpet, the vacuüm cleaner just cuts off and then it wouldn’t come back on. I knew it wasn’t hot, not in no 10 seconds. So, I check the muthafuckin’ vacuum cleaner bag and it was filled to the tea with sperm.

Harold – What?! True story?! You sure it wasn’t just lotion or something?

Summer – Harold, I tasted it.

Harold – You tasted it?!

Summer – Yeah it ain’t like I haven’t tasted you before; I be swallowing you all the time.

Harold – Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, omigod! You be giving me head at the red-light; you give me head while I’m doing number two; you gave me head this morning to wake me up cuz I slept thru the alarm clock. Why would I let the Red Devil give me some head? I hate to say it but I think you tasted yo’ son’s sons. Yo’ grandchildren!

Summer – Say what?!

Harold – Who vacuums his room 50 times a day and it still be chips, crackers, cookies, paper, and shit still all on the floor?

Summer – Omigod!!! Little Harold!!!

Lil’ Harold – You called?

Summer – Yo’ muthafuckin’ ass is grounded until I die! You can’t get allowance no more; you gotta get a job support yo’self, you got a week to find yo’self another home nigga! Harold, we gone have to put him up for adoption baby cuz ooooh I’ma kill him if he stick around. Now get yo’ ass out the way. I gotta throw-up in you’ bed. Move nigga!!!

Lil’ Harold – Dad, what’s wrong wit mom?! What I do?!

Harold – Son, the next time you decide to “vacuüm yo’ room,” change the bag okay, you know what, better yet: here’s about a 100 bucks, use that money to buy your very own personal Red Devil and here’s a few extra bucks for vacuüm cleaner bags. Now excuse me, I gotta help you’ momma throw-up in yo’ bed.

Commercial Break: 12+9+06

Bitch – Dog I want some puppy love

Dog – Okay, Bitch!

Bitch – No, no, what you doing?

Dog – I’m finna hump you!

Bitch – I’m tired of that position.

Dog – But doggystyle is the only position we got.

Bitch – No it isn’t, dog. You just gotta Think Outside The Bun

Scene 4 will publish 7PM tonight. Sorry for the delay!  🙂

Episode 1, Scene 1: Reality T.V. (Written November 11, 2006)

*This is the third sitcom from my third comedy book I wrote for my I’m With Jimmy Ni (play on Gemini) t.v show. I’m sharing this one ahead of the first two because this is when I found my funny and when I started thinking about how my future family would be. This, as well as other sitcoms I wrote in 2005 through 2007 are heavily influenced by New York rappers, The Wayans Bros, The Jamie Foxx Show, Martin, My Wife & Kids, Flava Of Love. This is the original raw script from 2006. Until now, I am the only person to have read this. I shared it with a girl I was talking to during that time via phone, however, she never got a chance to hear the whole story because she was laughing so hard (Scene 3) when I verbally performed it, her mother made her get off the phone. Her mother said and I quote, “Laughing wasn’t ladylike.” And, we never got around to finishing it. Actually, I didn’t want to finish it because I felt like I got what I wanted, which was a laugh, and I thought the rest of the story couldn’t top a laugh that made her moms mad. The only edits made are punctuational.*

Reality TV: November 11, 2006

Summer – Harold, wake up, wake up!

Harold – Huh, what, what, what?

Summer – We’ve been robbed!

Harold – Robbed?! who?! You and the kids???

Summer – No, the house! Somebody broke in and you slept right through it.

Harold – For real, omigod! What they take?!

Summer – Me and the kids looked around the whole house and all they took was the t.v’s.

Harold – Aww, we ain’t been robbed.

Lil’ Harold – Well, where our t.v’s at?

Harold – I took all the t.v.’s outta the house and sold ’em to some people. *laugh track*

Summer – Nigga you sold all 7 t.v.’s that was in this house, Harold if you got fired from yo’ job, you coulda just told me, my money is yo’ money baby.

Harold – Nah I didn’t get fired, I sold all our t.v.’s b-cuz it was ruining our family life. Lil’ Harold plays his video game all day, Lyric watches BET videos all day, and baby you watch LifeTime all muthafuckin’ day. And then y’all complain that I never be home. It’s cuz when I be home it’s boring as hell cuz y’all glued to the tube. Then when I ask y’all to go somewhere wit me, y’all like, “Nah my favorite show is about to come on.”

Lil’ Harold – But dad this is gonna hurt me more than mom and Lyric cuz I’m a homebody.

Harold – Well son, now we’re all are about to become homebodies.

Lyric – Oh hell nah! Now that’s gonna hurt me more than mom and Lil’ Harold cuz I like to go out. *laugh track*

Harold – But when you’re here, all you do is watch t.v.

Lyric – Man whatever! And speaking of t.v. I’m finna go over my friend’s house so I can see the world première of Ciara’s new video. *laugh track*

Lil’ Harold – Yeah and I’m finna go over one of my friend’s house to play Madden.

Summer – Yeah and I’m finna go to Wal-Mart to buy a new t.v.

Harold – Freeze! Nobody move! I wouldn’t have sold our t.v.’s if nobody wasn’t gone be home. Starting now, all of us are on house arrest. Our house gone become a reality show. As much as I hate t.v. , I need to thank it for inspiring me. The reason why reality shows are so interesting is b-cuz there are NO t.v.’s in the house. Look at Flavor Of Love, for example!

Lyric – I wish I could. *laugh track*

Harold – I mean, things are finna become really entertaining around this house. Watch!

Lil’ Harold – You know, dad’s right b-cuz t.v. is kinda making me blind.

Lyric – Nah that ain’t t.v. making you blind, that come from jacking off. *laugh track*

Summer – No, no stop that fighting!

Harold – See, things are already becoming like Jerry Springer around here. *laugh track*

Summer – Baby, I hope you know what you’re doing.

Harold – Hahahaha

*Theme music plays*

*Commercial Break*

Wait … I almost forgot! I use to do my own commercials too. I wrote my commercials the way I saw them, that being not knowing what the commercial was about until the very end. Dave Chappelle talked about this in a standup once. He said he saw this battered woman come on the screen, who was obviously a victim of domestic violence. She went on and on about how her boyfriend use to beat and torture her then a voice comes on and says, “Got Milk!” *laugh track* Anyway, that was my concept too!

Written December 9, 2006:

Son – Mother can you teach me how to wash clothes?

Mother – If you was my daughter, I would say yes, but since you’re my son, that questions sounds funny. Are you beginning to have wet dreams?

Son – Honestly, yeah. I just started having wet dreams and I wanna wash my own clothes and sheets.

Mother – Well son, I can’t stop you from having wet dreams but I can prevent the stains from getting on your clothes and sheets.

Son – Wow! The World’s Most Trusted Condom! *sings* Trojan Man!

Scene 2 will drop tomorrow at 7PM Central Time 🙂

Rangers Employ Tasers On Cheney For Death Of Idaho Sheep

Jackson Hole – Grand Teton park rangers used tasers while subduing U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Lynne Cheney after a cheneysbizarre sheep stampede last week.

Cheney, 47, was tased Aug. 15 by rangers after allegedly saying that she would climb the Grand Teton “on my own” and spend a night in Cascade Canyon without a backcountry permit.

When rangers found Cheney they began talking to her. She grew “abnormally upset and confrontational” and claimed to have bombs set to explode in the morning. Rangers found no explosives.

Cheney ventured into a 2,400-head sheep herd when about 165 sheep from the Siddoway Sheep Company of St. Anthony, Idaho were killed, trampled and smothered.

After running downhill in a panic Cheney was tased by rangers and charged with resisting arrest.

Cheney had a history of mental illness, her father told rangers.

She pled not guilty Tuesday after taking a fighting stance saying, “The extreme loss of sheep last weekend is necessary.”

In the weeks leading to the sheep pileup, Cheney announced she would challenge Sen. Mike Enzi in the 2014 Republican primary. The U.S. senate candidate faces a $10,000 fine and up to a year in jail and two years probation, during which she would be banned from the park.

sheep pileupCheney made a statement Wednesday, which follows.

“On August 15, 2013, I spent the day in the Grand Tetons with a group of 13 wolves from the Pine Creek Pack. They’ve had a huge amount of problems over the years. I had arranged for Sean Hannity to film the wolves, which occasionally venture into western Wyoming in the area of Teton Pass. The Siddoway Sheep Company should not be grazing in such a predator-dense area. The problem is not the wolves, but subsidized domestic sheep grazing. The extreme loss of sheep last weekend is necessary. I hope that we can manage the sheep population in the future. I would like to praise the professionalism and dedication of the Grand Teton park rangers and the security officers at Jackson Lake Lodge.”

Creative Writing Challenge Goes Wrong: Sister Commits Suicide Reading What Brother Wrote

Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

“During hard times, everyone thinks of giving up, of committing suicide,” said, high school English teacher, Arthur Cobb. For the first assignment of the 2013-2014 school year, Mr. Cobb put a twist on a creative writing challenge he previously assigned.  “Last year, I had the students recall a difficult period they went through and write a suicide note as if they were still in those times. Went great. This year, I wanted the students to write a suicide note, not for themselves, but for someone else. They had to write it as they were this person. It had to be someone they personally knew so the letter sounded convincing. I never intended on the person they’re writing for to read it. That’s why I told them at the end of class, sit their work on my desk.” However, one student, 17-year-old  Jeet Spencer, followed orders, but still managed to leave class with it in his hand. How? He wrote it twice. “My big sister is always teasing me how she’s a better writer, and I was so happy how believable my letter was, I made a copy of it, so I could show it to her. She wasn’t home when I got from school. I went in her room and laid the letter on her pillow. When I came back an hour later, she was hanging from the ceiling. I ran to get mom.”

“I kicked him out the house, said their mother, Carmen Spencer. Him and his teacher, they killed my baby!” she wept. “I thought he was telling me he wrote the suicide note so I wouldn’t be mad at May for being selfish. It was too authentic. The voice of it, same handwriting, everything. She suffered from depression her whole life, and attempted suicide before. But she’s been really happy lately. Boyfriend, school, job. And I know reading this letter put her back in that dark place, and made her forget about her newfound happiness for a few minutes. May is known as the writer of the house. I didn’t believe Jeet wrote it until his teacher confirmed it.”

The Kansas City Police Department are investigating the matter to determine whether this was a suicide or homicide. Ms. Spencer prays for the latter. “She was happy for once in her life! They brought her back down! They killed my baby!”

Built on top of:

  • People writing the obituaries of others before they actually die, like Nelson Mandela. 

Was this a suicide or homicide?