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Sims 4 – One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge: A Guest Room for Thanksgiving

Entry Form: 139th Challenge (Sims Forum)

Theme of the week: Guest bedroom for Thanksgiving

Backstory: “Aaron and Elizabeth are young adults and are siblings that live away from home. They each live in different US states. They and their parents are all very excited! It is the USA Thanksgiving time this week and they are coming home to spend time with their parents! Their parents are setting up separate guest bedrooms for them to sleep in whilst at home. Their mother wants to also include a favourite childhood item in the guest bedrooms to remind them of when they were a child. Could you please design a guest bedroom either for Aaron OR for Elizabeth . You can only design one guest bedroom. The room is not normally a guest bedroom, so it can’t be a large bedroom. It is a room that has been converted into a bedroom for the Thanksgiving time. The family would be very appreciative if you could design a guest bedroom for them!”

My Interpretation: After Aaron went off to college in another state, his parents downsized by bulldozing what use to be his bedroom. Upon returning home temporarily for Thanksgiving this year, his parents turned the garage into a makeshift bedroom.



Sims 4 Small Business Saturday

This is the first time I built something in the Sims 4. Since it’s Small Business Saturday I wanted to build a retail store. I modeled it after the Apple Store. Does my Sims clothing look familiar?  This was really time-consuming, and I didn’t even furnish it yet. Here are the results:

Tents are on both sides of the building for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. 

I put a food stall and bench in the back of the store.

Glass Ceiling (technically its nothing right there at all lol)

Store looks small, doesn’t it?

Until you realize it’s an underground store.

There will be four sections. One will be for kids.

Time to go.

We’re Watching You While You Sleep!

Taylor: Thanks! Hey Doc’, before I go, is there anything you can give me to keep me in bed at night?
Doctor: For sleepwalking?
Taylor: Nah. Every night I wake up around the same time and it’s hard for me to go back to sleep.
Doctor: The same time?
Taylor: Yeah, around 2-3AM.
Doctor: Not to go to the restroom?
Taylor: No.
Doctor: Not because you’re having recurring nightmares?
Taylor: No.
Doctor: Not for a late night snack?
Taylor: No. Not for any reason whatsoever.
Doctor: I’m not trying to scare you but …
Taylor: But what???
Doctor: When you wake up around 2-3AM without ANY reason, there’s an 86% chance that someone …
Taylor: Someone is what???
Doctor: … watching you.
Taylor: gulps saliva But, but, I, I live, I live alone.

10 hours later …

Taylor: talking to self Haha. Sean and Gus are so silly! Man! I love Psych! Well, it’s 9. Time for bed.

5 hours later …

Taylor: talking to self out loud It’s 7 already??? looks at alarm clock It’s 2:30. Dammit! Why I keep waking up around this time? starts thinking about what doctor said I can’t believe I’m about to do this! looks under bed Nothing under there. gets up, checks closet Nothing in there but clothes. looks out window No one outside. What the hell am I doing? Haha. I’m letting my doctor scare me. This just what he wanted. Haha. He got me! I’ma tell him about this mess tomorrow. Haha. Let me get back in bed and try to sleep. talking to self on inside I mean, if someone was watching me, they would have to be in vicinity of my bed. It’s nothing around my bed but my ironing board, my paper shredder, my lamp, my alarm clock, and my looks in that direction OHHHH MYYYY GODDDUH! OH MY GOD! OHHHH MY GOD!

Part 2 dropping sometime this week

What do you think Taylor saw?

Creative Writing

Comedy Books. Dream Book. Hook Book. Poetry Books. Songs.
Comedy/Joke Books. Dream Books. Hook Books. Poetry Books. Songs.

If it is not transmuted into some creative effort it will find a less worthy outlet.

You know why you’re failing to transmute sex energy?

You haven’t identified a worthy outlet.

Remember your old outlet?




Why did you stop in the first place?

Because it wasn’t making you any money?

Success isn’t measured in dollars alone. You know that.

Picking that pen back up will offer something more valuable than money now.

It will provide that creative outlet which you so desperately need.

I hate that you stopped in the first place and killed further writing progression, but, quite frankly, I believe you will be even better now and won’t start horribly.


Because of your communication and pitch practices.

On second thought, you have been writing all along.

Just never realized it 🙂



P.S. Why don’t we create a new page for these writings? A little break from the concept 🙂