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I Might As Well Eat Grass


Why are you so burdened with worries?

You worry everyday about whether or not I achieved the goals I set for my life. Only you know and understand that some days my life was as fun as a lazy cow grazing in an empty field. Some days I was so bored with my life, I might as well eat grass. And so, you wonder if I ever escaped the endless routine of my life – investigating complaints that I do not care about or feel the need to care about. I wish I could tell you to stop worrying. I wish I could tell you that everything is great. But I can’t. You see, our destinies are inextricably woven. My fate is tied to yours. Who I am now is dependent on the choices that you make.

I cannot tell you if everything is great or if I achieved all the things you want me to achieve at this age. You will have to see that for yourself when you get a chance to meet me. Never-the-less, I can tell you one thing that I want you to stop doing.

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For heaven sakes… STOP PANICKING.

I know you feel a sense of urgency. I know you feel that your life is like an untidy room. You really want it clean but you just don’t know where to start. Stop panicking. Be still and you will hear the voice. Just start cleaning. You start to clean and in no time the room is spotless.STOP PANICKING.

Do you remember that time when you were sitting in your car at the parking lot and you saw a car reversing straight into your car? All you could hear is a voice screaming in your head. STOP! YOU ARE GOING TO HIT MY CAR. STOP! LOOK AROUND DUMBO. STOP!!! Your hands sweated, your heart pounded and still, the voice in your head screaming loudly and endlessly….Then the loud crashing sound of metal crushing into metal and the jerk that silenced the screams in your head.

The answer was so simple. Just honk your horn. However, you didn’t do that. You didn’t hear the answer because you panicked. Sometimes life is like that, the answer is simple but you will never figure it out if you panic. Be still and you will hear the voice…

Just honk your horn.

Futuristically yours,



The Balance of Life and Death

My Dearest Aezora,

Life and Death are a never ending cycle.  With one comes the other, dancing and flowing about one another like a ballet dancer on stage. Their dance is an intricate
one; the choreography new, and unknown- yet as old as time itself.  Its theory of chaos, and peace, is wrought with complexity- and unpredictability.

We have a manner of things to try to cheat death. Medicines created from plant life, animal life, synthesized to specifically treat one item or another, or life support, for one whose body can no longer sustain daily functioning, like breathing. Throughout all this, the lesson we are taught is still clear- death cannot, and will not, be cheated. He is not evil- as some believe. He is the true one, the only one, the ethereal balance between the lines we tread. Between the lines of life and death. With one step we could easily shift from one world, to the other.

During this period of your life I know you feel as if the shadow of death is creeping just beyond your field of vision. You see him and turn, only to see nothing. You can feel his presence, forever watching your every move.  Taken from you are a grandfather, and grandmother, whose lifetime of wisdoms were never fully passed on. Taken from you is a child, brought so closely to the world, to be lost before you even knew her. Taken from you is a friend, whose unconditional love made all other loss seem bearable- which now, is unbearable.

Though I know it is hard to understand now, and to believe this, their lives are not truly lost.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in a heaven, hell, or even purgatory. They stand beside you, around you, within you- immortal within your memories of them. Call to them, remember them, they will come and in your darkest hour, provide the light that can guide you back from the depths of depression and despair.

Through you, they will live forever. Through you, they can experience a life they never were able to live. Through you, and your eyes, they can see their families grow.

Letting go is hard; but not impossible. Letting go does not mean you forget them. Letting go is an understanding  of temporary separation between you, your loss, and the powers that watch carefully over the balance which is life, and death.

Do not forget that they live within you.  When you live, you live for them. You laugh,
you cry, and you dance for them- an intricate weave of love and memories.

Do not forget- and they will live forever within you, and yours.

Always and always,

Futuristically yours,



Dear Kirsten,

I struggled with the correct pronouns the last time I wrote the letter. I mean, we’re the same person, so how do I address myself? In the end, I decided to exclusively use second-person pronouns, which I will be continuing for simplicity’s sake.

Think about all the things you love. Think about your television shows, movies, books, websites, videos, podcasts, everything. You have lots of interests. Now, think ten years into the future. How many of those things will still be relevant, then? How many of those things will you care about?

Very few. Yes, you would still tune in on those television shows when the turned on the marathons of the rerun channel. You might listen to those songs occasionally. But on the whole, all of the things you like will soon be obsolete.

Don’t kid yourself. Your kids aren’t going to know who “Lady Gaga” or “Justin Beiber” is, unless they hear their songs played on the ‘00s radio channel. I mean, how many pop artists from your mother’s time can you name?

And you know the books you read? Forget about it. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight- they’re not going to be read. Or they will, sitting on library shelves, alone. Perhaps Harry Potter has gained a second life because of parents reading it to their kids, but other than that, the books you love won’t be known or understood or cared for. And even if they are, they won’t be read in the same way that you read them, along with a whole generation.

Don’t even get me started on technology. iPods? Obsolete. The blue laptop you spent so many hours typing on? Obsolete. The television where you watched your favorite shows? Obsolete. Even the kitchen appliances you own are things of the past in their current form.

However, the same thing goes for the things you hate. In the future, nobody cares about Divergent or Inkheart or Maniac Magee. Your kids couldn’t tell you who any of the crash-and-burn reality TV stars were in 2011. They couldn’t talk about The Other Guys, or Katy Perry, or the war between Harry Potter and Twilight.

And why should I be telling you of this seemingly bleak world that seems to be devoid of everything you love and hate? Because I’m telling you to not be tied to what you love. Don’t close your mind because somebody doesn’t like the books or music that you do, because chances are nobody will have heard of it in ten years. Don’t spend constant hours in front of the computer squabbling over the internet on whose interests are better. Don’t post about your hate of Divergent all over Internet message boards because it doesn’t matter.

Very few things are wastes of time, Kirsten, but those things are one of them. While those discussions can sometimes be good and profitable pastimes, usually they’re not. Usually, they just separate you from others even more than you already are, and I regret spending so many hours moaning about the things I hate.

But I’m not telling you to have no interests. No, of course not. Love what you love and hold it dear. I’m just trying to put things into perspective, because what seems to you as massively important will just disappear. So don’t sling mud on websites and chatrooms that won’t exist in a few years. Take all the good you have learned from the things you love: character, experience, skill, intelligence, awareness, and all other things that one can gain from media. Take it and bring it out into the world. Because that, Kirsten, is what is truly important about the things you love.


Futuristically Yours,


3 Months To Live

If you had 3 months to live, would you do exactly what it is you’re doing right now? And if you’re not doing what you’re wanting to do, what are you waiting for?

I know what you’re waiting for … the doctor to say, “Har-old, you have 3 months to live.”

Like Napoleon Hill said,

Isn’t it strange that so often people have to be cut down by failure and defeat before they learn that they have minds capable of mastering all their problems?

9 months. Birth is predictable. When mother finds out she’s pregnant, birth months are foreseen. You live your whole life knowing your birth date. You know death is certain but you don’t know when it will happen, giving birth to the phrase, “Live everyday like it’s your last.” This is one of the unfairnesses of life. That’s why those people who get told they have 3 months to live, 6 months to live, are BLESSED. Yes, blessed!

They waste no time planning. They just do.

The wind blew this bucket over with a piece of paper in it. The paper is blowing in the wind, flying all over the place. Run and catch it. Read it. It’s a list. A to-do-list. Check marks are beside everything. There are dates beside every listed item. Notice how close the dates are to each other. “All of this in a few months,” you say to yourself. Things you say you have to wait for, be “patient” for, things you say you have to plan, know-it-all before you get started. Think that list was just written? No! Look at the quality of the paper. That list is old.

Har-old, you will soon meet someone who knows when they will die. This person won’t be sad. They will be carefree, happy, motivated and a kid again. Pick their brains! Study them. Adopt their 3 month mentality.

And you know who that person will be?


Every 3 months you will die and attempt to out-do what you did in your previous life. Every 3 months you will re-create yourself. Every 3 months you will be re-incarnated into a more richer you, a more handsome you, a more healthier you, a more smarter you, a more livelier you.

Your dreams can happen faster than you think but don’t let failure and defeat be responsible for inspiring you to action.

Take responsibility for your life!

Futuristically yours,


Who’s Holding The Invisible Gun To Your Real Head?

Dear Har-old,

American novelist Chuck Palahniuk said, “Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head.”

The Force.

Something you know you shouldn’t do. Something you know you shouldn’t say. Something you do not want to do. Something you do not want to say.

Something you talk yourself out of for the next 10 minutes … but talk yourself into in the last 10 seconds.

Irresistible. Powerful. Attractive. Convincing. Pleasurable. Tempting. Seductive.

The Force is your Achilles Heel.

The Force is that old, gray and wrinkled habit.

The Force is something that can only be killed AFTER you submit to it “one last time.”

You know, that moment when you think about what you just did.

Anger. Regret. Motivation. You’re too powerful at this moment. Now you’re a Force to be reckoned with.

But little do you know that the more you succumb to The Force, the bigger the invisible gun gets the next time in your “trying moments.”









Har-old, you know why you created me?

Because changing means NOT staying the same.

Everything you ARE, I am NOT.

So that means you either will eventually discover something or you’ve already figured out something but forgot to make it a habit.

It was the latter.

You thought of me every time your weak spot got touched.

Next time bite the hand that touches you.

Then The Force will take that gun away from the side of your head and shove it in your mouth.

Tell The Force this, “Make my day, punk!”

Har-old, bite the bullet. Eat those bullets. Then simply say, NO!

Saying NO will fire them bullets right back at The Force.

Old habits die-hard so it’s a slow death. Enjoy its pain and suffering. Hahahaha!

Futuristically yours,


A Now Is Not A Person, Place, Or Thing

Dear Har-old,

Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev said, “The word tomorrow was invented for indecisive people and for children.”

Had Chinese yesterday. Fortune from cookie read, “If you don’t have time to live your life now, when do you?

Har-old, I Am Your Father!

So, I will tell you what Chris Rock’s father told him when he thought coming to work early was gone impress him. He said, “Chris it’s no such thing as early, you either on time or you late.”

Remember what I told you in Catch Phrases. You have to, you have to, catch yourself. Kick the habit of saying, “I can’t wait … .”

It’s a damn oxyMORON!

You’re being impatient and patient simultaneously. THINK!

How the hell can you say you can’t wait for something that you are in control of making happen NOW???


The worlds of advertising, marketing and promotion have somehow confused you and affected your ability to separate the who’s of control.

Separate control:

They are in control of when movies hit theaters, when albums hit shelves, when phones drop, when clothes hit racks, etc.

BUT YOU ARE IN CONTROL of when you want to “live.” I’m talking when you want 2 bill? When you want kids? When you want to leave Tennessee? When you want to move to New York? When you want the Yeebizan to replace the résumé?


You ARE in control of these things, no one else!

Take back your self-control.

Stop sitting in that waiting room. Put down that magazine. Knock on that door. Opportunity will open. Take off Opportunity’s mask … haha it’s you!

You was making yourself wait. Hahahaha!

Futuristically yours,


P.S. I guess a now could  be a person, place or thing…I mean you’re a person who’s trying to go places in life but can’t because you keep putting off that one thing you know you need to do…procrastinator!

Who Burnt The Popcorn?!

Extra butter

Dear Har-old,

“I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive.”

And if I could add to Zuckerberg’s quote: ” . . . and while I’m only 26 years young!”

Dead or old.

Did not believe. But you did entertain thoughts of the world ending on the 21st. You did, Har-old.

Your beef was: “I’m too young to die.” “I haven’t lived yet.” “What about my future?”

And that got me thinking . . .

About how I can make you and every other young’n UNCOMFORTABLE with a biographical movie.

So, what’s on the menu?


Burnt popcorn!

This new section will be movie trailers of y’all young lives UP TO THIS POINT.

Made by those that know you best.

That means they are in control of who plays you, the name of the movie, the trailer’s music, what genre it is: a comedy, a romance, an action-packed film.

But … I’m hoping it’s a DRAMA!


Then everybody will vote on which trailer they would like to see turned into an actual film, consequently going to the movies to see.

And one more thing …

Life doesn’t get a sequel.

Futuristically yours,