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A Thousand Kisses: A Poem For My Grandma

More Than A Grand: October 18, 2006


There are some people who live up to their name

Names like Jamie, Tracy, and Terry/Terri pass as bisexual names

Now there is a new name that will pass as a bisexual name

A name can tell a lot about a person’s character

Darnell **** is the grandparent who I live with

Darnell **** has 3 daughters, no sons, well until now

I feel like my mother and my auntees are my sisters

I don’t think I’ma son to my mother, I don’t think I’ma nephew to my auntees, I’m more of a uncle to my brothers, sisters, and my cousins, brother to my mother and auntees

And our mother is more like a sister to us

Darnell **** brings home the bacon like a man and cooks it like a woman

Darnell **** makes the money like a man and spends it like a woman

Darnell **** can dirty like a man and can clean like a woman

Darnell **** raised a son like a man and raised daughters like a woman

My grandma lives up to her name – Double D’s



Constrained Writing Prompt: Write a poem with 8 words per line. Then write the same poem again, erasing 4 words per line. Do it once more, erasing 2 words per line. *Hidden Message*

National Institute Trail Advocacy (NITA) in Charlotte (CHA). 

I hope they deliver goods like a carter. 

Heard they love to teach you by doing. 

NITA in Charlotte (CHA).

I deliver a carter.

Heard you love doing.


Carter I.

Love you.

Constrained Writing Prompt: Tell a love story, including a plant, in 5 sentences. 

They say you can’t turn a hoe into a …

Hel-i-cry-sum when I pansy how dandy that golden pothos would have looked in my kitchen. 

Jasmine, Heather, or whatever her name is rather daisy dukes than sunflower dress, have Poppy give her Black-eyed Susans when she didn’t come back with enough roses for her tulips. 

I wanted to go to the metal after the last petal was “she loves me knot” but my iris just stood there ox-eyed dazed. 

I wish I was as patient as a carnation and waited for a cherry to blossom ‘cause I gave a new meaning to deflower. 

Write A Story Using Only Numbers, and The Story Must Be Sad. Make Me Cry Using Numbers. Bonus Points If The Reader Can Translate It Into Words.

 1987 -
 1991 -
 1987 + 1991 = 2
 24/7/365 + 1
 1987 + 1991 = 1
 11/23 = 12/25
 1987 + 1991 x 2017 = 3
 1991 = 05/13/2018
 1987 = 06/17/2018
 08/08/2018 + 911
 2017 - 2018
 00   00
 11   11
 1987 + 1991 - 2017 = 2
 1987 > 1991
 1991 > 1987
 1987 - 2020
 1987 + 777 = 20171987
 1991 ...
 1991 - 2022
 1991 + 777 = 201719871991