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Long Hallways (Falling For Forever)

I’m falling forever
They pulled the ground right from under my airs
I’m falling forever
Friendly skies please teach me how to walk on air
I never hurt you with my fist
My punches landed one hundred percent
I don’t know what could be worse
Then “hold my beer” is what I heard …

Long hallways
Don’t know how I got inside
Long hallways
With no ending in sight
Long hallways
No door to put my foot in
Long hallways
No window for the rain to hit up against
Long hallways
No corners to cut at all
Long hallways
Gotta crawl before I can walk
Long hallways
I’m tired of being lonely and googly-eyed in my search
Long hallways
I wish I could listen to a picture with a thousand words
Long hallways
It’s dark and I wanna bump into something
Long hallways
Maybe if I dance like Michael Jackson these paving stones will start glowing?
Long hallways
I’m never gonna get outta here
Long hallways
Because I was cool with being a hot head with a warm heart but I hate cold hands and drunk all its beer

As always,
Long hallways

Today is my birthday, and I’m riding high …


WordPressident #13

Our bottom lips sticking together as we pull away from the kiss
The hug dies in our arms
Scratch on our ring fingertips as we let go of each other hands
Walking away from each other backwards with clean backgrounds
Not taking no L’s, falling in the hole of the O, getting hit by a V, crashing into a dam snake oil salesman who claims his Dell didn’t always have a tilted E
The barbecue sauce on my ribs
So I know you’re the HIS in Memphis
Okay, well, maybe for a season after I saw too much skin I bundled up and got my meat cumin spiced on a spring mattress
She was leaving before you entered the picture
Don’t act picture-perfect as if you’ve always been the lady on the other side of the noodle
Not a put-down of your frame but you know the real reason I place my hand on the small of your back in public
Sometimes to guide you to a first-class seat
Sometimes to guide you down a flight of stairs
The apple bottom of my eye is rotten sometimes
A worm on the inside, a real pain in the ass, you know
But, but, I love her to the core
Not just when she’s a snack, Apple Slices
Not just when she’s breakfast, Apple Jacks
Not just when she’s lunch, Apple Bee’s
Not just when I’m thirsty, Apple Cocktails
Not just when she’s dinner, Apple Jacks
Not just when she’s dessert, Apple Pie
When the groceries fresh I don’t need plastic
When they pass the expiration date I double bag it
Let’s eat …

G-loves S-mitten (Say Love Again)

She didn’t want him like gloves

More like tilt your head to the thumb on mittens to see a lopsided heart

Their love is 90/10; 80/20

But X still goes into Y multiple times

Let’s not talk about the 70/30 with remainders remaining remains reminding reminders Reid mind read mines

But I will audio book this … A Gemini would’ve loved to weight watch the 50/50 of the twins on the Libra scale

Life is all about balance

And I would love to be your equal

Two minus signs intersecting is a plus for the times

Just don’t leave me in pieces around you like a division symbol

Remember that line about your heart being broken the number of your age?

Well it was like Valentines cause when I blew a kiss and the wind ripped the lid I saw it was a cover-up for the 30-piece assortment of chocolate candy assorted wrong

And you remember that puzzle I helped solve? Well I got butterfingers from it

And I’m sorry about the needle piercing yours trying to sew my shirt

I’ll wash the dishes for ya

Let me just roll up my sleeves so I can go to work

You know what went through my mind when I found out we do the same thing?

How this was meant to be
How I was meant for you
How you was meant for me

You know what went through my mind when my business trip switched from Orlando to Dallas and I found out that’s your favorite city in the whole wide world?

How your Texas-sized ass was something I had to see

You know what went through my mind when you asked about my lease?

How I was gone either be in for a trick or a treat come Halloween 2016

You can call me cute and pinch my cheek all you want, but I know you’re pinching to see if I’m your dream guy and to pull on my face to see if I’m wearing a mask

Guess what

I am




Kiss Peace 💋✌🏾

Michael Myers Walks

While I was being baptized I saw the sole of Jesus. Is this magic? Or have I been under long enough for it to freeze? I try to get my head above water but was met with a foot on my neck. I chipped away at the cube with my forked tongue. Blew my dragon breath. The water started bubbling like the last words of a drowning victim. The first thing I hear when my crown is above water is King Fish. Yup! Y’all up shits creek without a paddle. I flipped my hair over my head, which was not easy because the water added weight, so when it hit me on the back I was sent flying. The ant wearing the suit with the sneakers thought his angel had come to save him until he recognized the fireplace in my eyes. I swooped down on my prey. He tried hiding behind his lowercase t. This isn’t a sobriety test. The alphabet won’t save you. Drunk the wine. Ate the bread. Cleaned the plate. Howled at the pale moonlight. Danced until I dropped from exhaustion. My left palm left the right and went towards the light. Long kiss me goodnight.

From that day forward, my good shoulder never disturbed my sleep in church.

You’re kidding me, you’re stoned? 

Out of town dinner


My grape soda broke.

I tried to get up and piss out the shattered glass.

But I struggled to get out of bed like a pregnant woman.

No wonder they compare the two pains.

But this isn’t about a hand not wearing a mitt while taking a bun out the oven.

No, this is about a man posing with his hand on his hip like a …

My least favorite suffix is E-R.

Hospitals should run like hotels. Be caring and grant pillow mints, please!

Because, although, I had a reason to be hunched over this time, I’ve been like that on visits. I mean, old people smell funny. Gets me weak and brings me to my knees like a good laugh.

I stopped filling out the application at birthday.

The identifying information reminded me of the time that Gatorade didn’t make me feel like a champion.

That time I was paying myself a visit when I  should’ve been paying my sis-sis-sister one. Grrr.

When I started thinking about the out-of-pocket expenses because I didn’t have insurance, I suddenly began to feel Grrr-eat.

I stood up, shoulders relaxed, back straighten, chest poking out and walked out of there like Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

I haven’t had to go back in the 7 months since but if I don’t surround myself with water like a Winklevoss twin I’ll be back before you know it.



Heart Patch







(tugs collar) (thinks to self) This heat is getting to me.


(walks by)


(smile) (thinks to self) There she go! Her hair hasn’t been done since she’s been her. Always these 2 big braids. She looks like my cousin Damon in the face. Can pass for Snoop Dogg’s daughter more than Snoop Dogg’s daughter. You can’t tell if she has breast from a distance. Her jeans have more leg room than most girls. Yet, I see pass all that. I love her body structure! She is the only girl I want to talk to in here.




(tugs collar) I am hot. The fan never blows on me.


(walks by)


(smiles) (thinks to self) There she go! I wonder will I make things awkward for her and her friend … nah that’s definitely her cousin or sister. Them 2 and that other girl they always be with look too much alike to not be blood. But I wonder will it be awkward if I tried to talk to her when her sister was the one who seemed interested in me with that, “What are you reading?” question? I don’t know. I’m just so attracted to her. I need to find out her name. It looks like it start with an S. Skylar? I love the way she move. She walk just like a ballplayer. Basketball? Soccer? Baseball!!! But her walk looks a little different today. Her shoulders are hunched over. Her posture is usually erect, with her shoulders back and down. Chest poking out. She looks tired.




(tugs collar and leaves index, middle finger in shirt) (thinks to self) I feel sweat rolling down my back! (balls fist) Ugh!


(walks by)


(smiles) (thinks to self) There she … whoa! She’s limping, and dragging her leg! What happened? She’s walking like she’s been walking on these warehouse floors for 20 years. Probably injured herself playing basketball or something. Hmm.



*Nubrisco walks across the floor with a grey tote in his hand. 4 pieces of paper hang from the wall letting employees know which defective product go where: No collate; damages; needs monogram; missing pieces.*


What’s that, Nubrisco?


Damaged. (turns around)


(crawling on the floor)


(runs to her aid) (pulls her up) Are you alright?


I lost all feeling in my leg.


What’s wrong?


For the last couple days I been getting this same beach towel with my name on it. (shows towel to Nubrisco)


(camera zooms in on towel through Nubrisco’s POV, as if his eyes couldn’t believe what he saw) (thinks to self) Skylar? I was right!


And it came with this heart that needs to be patched on it. I put it in the right area all the time so I’m confused why I keep getting it back the next day the same way. Don’t think I’m crazy, but it’s been messing with me psychologically: Seeing my name on this beach towel without the heart attached.


Let me see it.


(hands Nubrisco the towel and heart)


(holds the towel in his left hand, heart in his right) (presses the heart against the towel for 5 seconds) (dangles the towel)




(tugs collar)


(jumps in Nubrisco’s arms)

*Aerial view camera shows Nubrisco and Skylar hugging. Nubrisco swings Skylar in his arms*


The Fun In Watching Grass Grow

Black Friday? No, just one register out of 20 open at Walmart again.
Black Friday? No, just one register out of 20 open at Wal-Mart again.

dear har-old,

the prisoner of patience watches the grass grow.

mowing the lawn is wasting your own time.

your eyes get moist when you yawn. if watching grass bores you to tears and you cry a river to grow the grass, that’s forcing time.

in that rush hour your car totals.

neighbors complaining your yard is making the area look bad and threatens to cut it for you.

lock yourself behind the blades of grass that are the bars to the prison of patience.

and watch in their moment of impatience of not putting on no protective footwear their own lawnmower chops their feet off.

let no one put a magazine in your hand in the waiting room.

let no one stand behind you in the long line.

let no hot food smell your breath.

let no “loading” cause you to get carried away.

sit in the grass and meditate. your butt will itch. scratch it mentally by simply ignoring it.

har-old, i strategically put Master Of Emotions in front of Prisoner Of Patience for a reason.

the grass makes you patient so eat it like a horse. if someone whips your ass to make you go faster or pulls your neck to make you go slower, kick them with your ‘hind legs. take pride in being ON time. it’s no such thing as being early.