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Last Seen Wearing (I Miss You)


If you miss somebody
I want you to go shopping
And buy the thing
They was last seen, wearing
Then come back home
(Comeback comeback comeback)
And throw the clothes on the floor
On hands and knees like it hurt to stand
Crawling crying let your tears stain their shirt and pants
If you do this at the right time, while they somewhere naked
They’ll appear in the outfit like magic

It didn’t work for me so I went back to the store
Now it’s a mountain of clothes on my floor
I see a face but it’s more Rushmore than flesh
She don’t miss me back I guess
(I guess I guess)
I’m optimistic
Bad timing or can’t remember if
She had any of this on
They nightmared my dream girl while I was saying the alphabet backwards
Stuck on Z’s
Welcoming memories
Love not coming back home
Love sleep naked last seen wearing skin and bones


WordPressident #9

Author’s note: California is pronounced Cal-lot-forn-yeah (in-sync with the subsequent rhyme patterns)

Back to make good use of the white space like FedEx
But the arrow not going East, like the logo in Arabic it’s about to head West
Los Gatos California the stop from there
It’s on to Netflix we not gone spare
It’s bad movie theater etiquette to use your smart phone, care
So if you threw up a W earlier give yourself 2 L’s to frame the shot palm air
Then prop lawn chair hope you brought a bag of popcorn here
‘Cause what we about to watch plum clear
Me tagging “and chill” at the company’s headquarters
And if you must snap a pic of me at work please make sure you get my good side like what George Washington said to the photographer before he got headquartered
They caught us, but we got away by spray painting the car like Grand Theft Auto
But the interior still black and yellow like a shell taco
Yeah I know, somebody chucked up the ground beef
But thankfully I’m not yelling get them cornballs from ’round me
Cause Act II was smooth as butter
Even though I yawned but that was faked to stretch like Mister Fantastic
“Just because I didn’t unwrap your arm from around my neck don’t mean I’m gone stretch my legs around yours like Gemini
Ladies and gentlemen DC Vs. Marvel is happening
Fanboys and girls sing like robots
Dance like beep boo boo bop
Hee huhu ha
La la la la la laughing all the way to the bank
How is it acting like your shit don’t stank when the smell of new money overpowers it like dang darn damn
Looking at my poop saying ah ah ah I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-Am
Yes sir and yes mam we can be on a first name basis, allowed
But just know it’s Harold/hurl and if you drag it through the mud it will leave a bad taste in your mouth
Did you stick your finger too far down your throat when you said “ugh?”
Dun da da dunnnn duh

Passport Bear Comic Loosely Based On The Five Scene Story … Soon

WordPressident #8

Secret handshake doorknob fingernail in keyhole
Secret shhh sounds of the ocean fisheye lens peephole
Door opens ehhh ship my pants watching shit’s creek/creak flow
Crying a river tears salty crackers Soylent Green is people
We gotta stop them somehow, Detective Thorn stood tall
I’m doing my part, making good calls
Like when this hood broad stripped everything she could off, unhooked bras
On cam nudes tons/Cam Newton captioned one photo “load my box with your foot…balls”
I said they don’t call me Passport Bear for nothing/nuttin’ and took off
Leave need ta fish her/Lenita Fisher troubled water is the place to be
Gotta do what I can do/candle too much pondering and it’s too late/lake for me
Cause some pool shark already dock ter/daughter and if the current don’t leave the cat alone uh/Catalonia like a bat I’m gone ’cause I can handle one but two not what my population needs
Come on safety please, talks of moving on, boyfriend trails her/trailer making me
Think Ock her man/Aquaman not in the picture I guess I gotta wait and see/sea
March 25th? Try April, these …
Matters are very taxing, an-noying
The one word that stopped country grammar from being the black girl with the Asian name boyfriend
Thought I took an arrow to the heart, fun gurney/journey adventure
It’s funny cause she has a knee problem as if she took one and got injured
I mean, was I wrong for thinking joint venture?
If somebody came back in your life after 3, 4 years wouldn’t you think y’all would go from natural to dentures?
And before you declare me a dead man coming for my chin cause I went at your shins you should know I’m a leg man
And whether true or false you called yourself Aquafina because you stay wet mam
I don’t go chasing waterfalls like them scrubs you use to my humor is just deadpan
Dish it out but can’t take it
Expressionless at who ya wanna leave faceless
So when you see me form a fist I’ma steal on ya and yell I GOT YA NOSE
Then pull that stick out like a sore thumb and beat you so bad with it POP ya whole …
family tree fall like leaves except timber/September she ought umm/Autumn roll
But before I say goodbye no wordplay Saela I miss ya
I rather write a third poem than a third blog war, dismissal/this missile

Kiss Peace 💋✌🏾

WordPressident #7 

Baby, lets talk
Yesterday I searched the meaning of my name
Google/googoo gaga/God God/gah gah
Expressed exasperation in exclamation, boohoo blah blah
Cause I was wrestling with it being a Christian name but here’s what took the Edge off
The meaning, totally reeked awesomeness, I hand-in-waistcoat posed for 5 seconds, keshessshhh or chachzzz, how do you write the noise a camera makes? Let’s have a spell off
This is what I read off, Wikipedia, Harold is derived from Hereweald here “army” weald “leader”
The new letters in my name made me go weee but the O went dark like periods, full stop era girl features
They’re either, but from the derivative let’s carry on pal, the diminutives is Harry and Hal
With 6 days remaining before January is out the dictionary has crowned …
One the word of the day I’ll let you shoulder time browsing
But just note, today, I used it in a sentence so much I lost count it’s over 9 thousand
But let’s not drag on about me, me, let’s talk about you, yeah you, ballsy/ball Z, could ya be more ballsy?
The customer is always right, yeah from 3 to 9
But at 9:01 in the 901 a right to the customer would’ve got me 3 to 9
But my feet are fine ’cause I’m sitting on my ass all day
Warehouse? Unless it’s a TV inside my closet, speaking of that, hallways
Revealed a page, I’m thinking what is this cause my bills are paid, pest control already did their deal and sprayed
I pick up the note from that wide ass gap and it revealed a fate
Tiredrun Parkinsons/Tyrone Parsons is no longer employed where I live and stay
I’m thinking this can’t be real, a prank
But when I saw the edges of that same letter underneath my neighbor’s door
I knew the lights that shine through the cracks was just that and not a tape record
But I don’t know if I’m on the same accord about the smoke detector looking over where I make the score
But that smile wasn’t safe no more ’cause my grandma went to the hospital at 7 she was aching sore
I checked on her at 10:30 and she STILL HASN’T BEEN-, say no more
You should get every nickel back from the insurance you’re paying for ’cause what are you, what are you, what are you waiting for?
Make doctors nurses patients, then make their family members impatient, boy!

WordPressident #6

Detective on thee case
Narcissus body still hasn’t been discovered at the depths of a Greek lake
But since you like looking in the mirror every second of thee day
How about I shine my knife up real good so you can see your reflection in mee blade?
Question that needs A
Which genre shown?
Because when I creeped up with the sword like how Perseus turned Medusa into stone and bones
He clapped his face and said “ahhhhh” like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone
“He’s gone he’s gone”
Now I see why Eddie Griffin blinks when he laughs
But looking behind you while you run should be a thing of the past
Cause you kicked your feet on your mom’s coffee table
And now feeling my cold hands wrapped around your swollen ankles
I’m the monster underneath your bed dragging you from room to room
Magic carpet ride like Aladdin, fingernails sweep suck better than any broom vacuüm
Doom is soon whom consumed womb to tomb moon has bloomed into a pretty sunflower dress
Dusk to dawn donned ya dust under your skin I’ma annoying little punk, coward, pest
But it’s not you who they gone say that’s missing
They just gone say your old ways are cause you know you act different
I just got away with murder but I’m itching for a petite skinny body
And I might just catch one in my next post, Blog War 3 on Christmas anybody?

You’re kidding me, you’re stoned? 

Out of town dinner


My grape soda broke.

I tried to get up and piss out the shattered glass.

But I struggled to get out of bed like a pregnant woman.

No wonder they compare the two pains.

But this isn’t about a hand not wearing a mitt while taking a bun out the oven.

No, this is about a man posing with his hand on his hip like a …

My least favorite suffix is E-R.

Hospitals should run like hotels. Be caring and grant pillow mints, please!

Because, although, I had a reason to be hunched over this time, I’ve been like that on visits. I mean, old people smell funny. Gets me weak and brings me to my knees like a good laugh.

I stopped filling out the application at birthday.

The identifying information reminded me of the time that Gatorade didn’t make me feel like a champion.

That time I was paying myself a visit when I  should’ve been paying my sis-sis-sister one. Grrr.

When I started thinking about the out-of-pocket expenses because I didn’t have insurance, I suddenly began to feel Grrr-eat.

I stood up, shoulders relaxed, back straighten, chest poking out and walked out of there like Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

I haven’t had to go back in the 7 months since but if I don’t surround myself with water like a Winklevoss twin I’ll be back before you know it.



King Pen Since Then 

Before I went into airplane mode
Before I went into airplane mode

Before I had paper. Before I had pen.

I wrapped clouds around my finger. Cotton candy on a stick.
That’s where the habit of me wetting the tip of a pen before I started writing originated.

The sky was my canvas. How I pulled words out of thin air.

My eraser? The wind can be so dramatic. Always a huffing and a puffing when I make mistakes.

But the sun was like a chandelier. It highlights everything great.

I never landed on the moon, but I have rode pass it on my bicycle.

I was caught between a rock and a hard place like E.T.

But when I saw trees covered in toilet paper I knew I made it home.

I put my foot in the door and left it there for an hour before I walked inside.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I see little yes in the hallway. Big yes in the kitchen. Yes men in the living room.

I know. I know. Some dads go to the store and never come back. But don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.

It’s just my mind that likes to disappear.



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