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Happy 7th Blogiversary FY!!!


Sims 4 Small Business Saturday

This is the first time I built something in the Sims 4. Since it’s Small Business Saturday I wanted to build a retail store. I modeled it after the Apple Store. Does my Sims clothing look familiar?  This was really time-consuming, and I didn’t even furnish it yet. Here are the results:

Tents are on both sides of the building for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. 

I put a food stall and bench in the back of the store.

Glass Ceiling (technically its nothing right there at all lol)

Store looks small, doesn’t it?

Until you realize it’s an underground store.

There will be four sections. One will be for kids.

Time to go.

Daily Writing Prompt: Write yourself into a corner. Impossible situations. No way out. 

Mama – Lil’ Demarcus, what’s this?

Son – That’s my journal. What are you doing with it?

Mama – I was cleaning your room and it fell off your desk and landed on this page. What’s all this nasty stuff in here?

Son- I didn’t write that. 

Mama – It’s only me and you in the house. Did your imaginary friend write it?

Son – I mean, I wrote it, but that’s Bankroll Fresh don’t. He’s a rapper. I was trying to learn the lyrics. 

Mama – I don’t want you listening to mess like this. I’m about to google these words to see if you telling the truth, and if you not, you getting a whooping. I’m going to investigate this diary further. You in timeout until I get back. 

Son – It’s a journal, mom. 

Mama – Get your ass in the corner!

39 minutes later …

Mama – Demarcus … 

Son – Mama, mama, please don’t hit me with that hammer, I’m sorry! 

Mama – Get out the corner. 

Son – Mama, please!

Mama – I said get out the corner. 

Son – Okay, please don’t hit me.

Mama – (hits wall repeatedly with hammer)

Son – Mama …

Mama – You wrote this for me?

Son – Yeah, I was gone give it to you for your birthday. I wasn’t done with it. I need to add some more parts to it. I just needed a break ‘cause I spent 2 days on it. 

Mama – (hits wall with hammer) I will never put you in the corner again. 

Son – That’s nice and all, but mama you didn’t have to be so dramatic. You know we Sims right? You could have just told our God to use the camera view with no walls. 

Simmer Simmer (Teaser Trailer)




I speak 4 different languages.

The camera gets a close-up of the American flag outside the jewelry store a man enters.



Close-up of Spanish employee smiling. You can hear him greeting her in Spanish underneath the voiceover.



Close-up of General Tso chicken. The man taps the glass counter. The jeweler takes out a piece. 


Annnnnnnnd (as this is being said a blur effect comes into focus revealing a green crystal) Simlish.


The man greets another person, shaking their hand.


Sul Sul. I’m Harnew and I’m a Simmer.



In the real world, I’m a nobody, but to the Sims, I am a God!

Small clips showing the man smiling and laughing at his computer.


Until one day they decided they wanted to get from under my control.

The man shakes his computer monitor. 


All the households are unplayable. Newcrest, Windenburg, Brindleton Bay, all the maps, all the worlds are grayed out.

The man repeatedly taps the keyboard before finally smashing it on his desk. 




Baby, what’s wrong?


The Sims … the Sims have taken back the game.