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Owner Who Fired Employees Via Text Message Personally Delivers Their Last Paychecks

Fired by text
Screenshot by WFTV

Winter Park, Fla. — Fourth of July “fireworks” took on a new meaning for more than a dozen employees of Barducci’s Italian Bistro, as the restaurant owner, Gregory Kennedy, laid them off on the holiday … via text message. “I unfortunately need to inform you that I have been forced to close Barducci’s effective immediately, ” read the SMS. “I think it’s immoral. I think it’s cowardice,” said Jodi Jackson, who cooked virtually 2 years for the restaurant. “I think we all deserve our compensation for money he’s already made from us,” Jackson continued.

Have you texted someone and they called you or  called someone and got a text back? Well, Kennedy is guilty of the latter after several attempts by WFTV. What you see in the above screenshot is the text  he sent to the news station.

Embarrassed he failed as an entrepreneur, and worried the news coverage of how he treated his ex-employees may affect future employees wanting to work with him if he started a new business, Kennedy decided to personally deliver their last paycheck, along with an apology for substituting a real human conversation with a robotic emoticon-less text message. This went great … for 10 out of 15 employees. The other 5 … not so well …

“Yeah, I broke his damn phone,” said former waitress, Jenna Giles. “He got a call while we was talking on the porch. Said he had to take it because it was important. When he got off, I asked was that the phone he used to text all of us. He said, ‘yeah.’ I snatched that *bleep*, slammed it to the ground and stomped on that *bleep*. I went back in the house after that. Text me now, *bleep* !”

3 employees saved Kennedy gas as they were all hanging out together that day at the bar. They opened the envelope containing their paycheck in Kennedy’s presence and were immediately disgusted. Kennedy said, “Before I knew it, I was tripled teamed. When I woke up a few minutes later, $40 I had on me was gone. So was my debit card. I had beer poured all over me. But it smelled like piss.”

Kennedy decided not to go to the last employee on the list, former cook, Tron Chappelle, because he was a “hostile” employee and “lived in the hood.” He mailed him his check instead. However, when Tron heard how his former boss personally delivered everyone else’s paycheck, he became furious and showed up to his house unannounced. Still recovering from his prior beating, Kennedy was beaten senseless in front of his wife and kids. And again, robbed!

When we called Kennedy to see would he be pressing charges against his former employees, he texted us back. This time around he probably had a real reason he couldn’t open his mouth.

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Have you ever been employed, fired, dumped, got dumped, death notified, etc. by text message? Tell us about it!


Christians Jailed For “Laying Hands” On Disabled Blogger

Jesus Rhino
Image via Twitter

Why did you start blogging? Was it because you wanted to share your mirror conversations with the world? Was it because you wanted to share how much you miss your boyfriend … who’s sleeping 3 feet away from you? Or, was it because you wanted to discuss your experiences with aggressive Christians who like to “lay hands” on you? Meet 22-year-young Duke University Grad Megan who started the blog “The Matter With Megan.” Why that name? Because of her rare connective tissue disease called Epidermolysis bullosa, all her life people have asked,”“What’s the matter with Megan?” In post Please Don’t Pray With Me (In Airports) Megan wrote, ”Having a visible disability is like shark bait for ignorant people lacking scruples. I swear, the mere sight of crutches is like blood in the water.” From relating a story at age 15 where she was at an airport waiting to board a flight when two women fell out the sky upon her family and asked her mother, “May we pray with your daughter?” She wrote, “The next thing I knew I was caught in what can only be described as a quite unholy prayer sandwich. The woman and her mother placed one hand on my back and one on my chest and right there, in the middle of the Ft. Lauderdale airport, began to feverishly pray on my body for Jesus to heal me. Between shouts of JESUS CRISTO! and HEAL HER FATHER GOD! their bodies shook violently, as if wracked by father, son, and holy ghost all at once.” To another trip in which a stranger asked her mother if he could pray for her. “I choked out a yes,” she said, “and picked a spot on the pavement to stare at and waited until it was over. He held out his hands and prayed for God to heal me, but with the added twist and flourish of asking God to take the Devil’s hands off me.” This has all got Megan wondering, “What IS it about the fucking Ft. Lauderdale airport?” Answer: It’s located in Florida, Megan.

But the Ft. Lauderdale airport nightmare stories have reached its final chapter after 4 Christians who read her feature in Raw Story and recognized her from her blog didn’t ask to pray for her for a change but asked to pray WITH her for those other Christians. Megan got up the courage to tell them no and to go find those other Christians and pray FOR them WITH them instead of her. The aggressive Christians insisted and persisted and started “laying hands” on her and even prevented her from trying to roll away in her wheelchair. After screaming for help, security came and asked, “What seems to be the problem?” Megan exhaled, “They’re trying to pray for me.” The security said, “Oh, y’all need my help?” and proceeded to join in with the other Christians in a circle with Megan in the middle. That’s when Megan grabbed the security guard’s taser and zapped them one by one. The five were charged with assault and battery for unholy prayer sandwiching. Let’s hope the judge isn’t conservative!

Megan has said this experience has made her not want to have kids. When we asked her why? She said, “Because if I don’t get the religious nuts then I will get the assholes who like to randomly rub on the stomachs of pregnant women.”

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What made you start blogging?

Judge: Find A Job In 30 Days Or You’re Going To Jail

2 year Anniversary

“Nobody wouldn’t hire me so I hired myself,” said 19-year-old Dean Moxley, the Connecticut teen who was facing 2 years behind bars if he didn’t find a job in 30 days. “Day 24 I gave up hope and was so frustrated and just started preparing my mind for prison. I mean, I looked everywhere; online and offline. The string of interviews I did go on went well until I had to be truthful about my situation.”

Moxley was intoxicated and got into a fight that damaged a door at a friend’s house. He was charged with felony assault and vandalism. He was looking at 2 years in jail but made a deal with a public defender and got his charges lowered to misdemeanors. He was put on probation for a year. Since he was unemployed, part of the deal was to have a full-time job, go to AA and counseling at least twice a week. Moxley had to check in with the judge a month later, and if he was still unemployed, it would have violated his probation.

Judge Jon Ambrose said, “I was really impressed. Here’s a young man who could’ve gave up after hearing ‘no’ several times from employers but he let it motivate him to be in that position of power. Isn’t it strange that so often people have to be cut down by failure and defeat before they learn they have minds capable of mastering all of their problems? These past 30 days have been good for his mind. I plan on being a customer and will try to help him get more.”

Moxley started his own errand running company for Seniors and busy people called Back In A Minute. “I always run errands for my grandparents so it just made sense. Then I got all this time on my hands because I was unemployed that people didn’t have who were employed. Those people have to pick the kids up from school, go grocery shopping, go pay a bill, etc. I could do that for them. Despite what my legal matters say about me I am a very trustworthy person.” Moxley said business has picked up to the point he can’t run all the errands by himself and is looking to hire someone. “Not to discriminate or anything, but I hope I run into someone who was as desperate as me a few weeks ago, so I could be the one to say yes to them.”

Instead of being gone for 2 years, Moxley will be Back In A Minute.

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary FY!!!

Boyfriend Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Blogs About Missing Him … While He Sleeps … 3 Feet Away

Sleep Blogging

Anonymous blogging has cost one woman her relationship of 21 days. J, as he is called in the blog, IMissMyBoyfriend.com, went to sleep one night on the right side of the bed; reserving the left side for his girlfriend, K, as she calls herself on the blog. However, he woke up in the middle of the bed; girlfriend on neither side. He looked across the room and saw a familiar sight: his girlfriend’s head on top of her laptop’s keyboard as if it was a pillow. He told us, “She’s been falling asleep at her computer ever since we’ve been together. I’m always picking her up and putting her in the bed the next morning then going back to sleep myself. This time I wanted to do things differently and see what the hell she’s always working on.” He said, “After I put her in the bed, I sat down at her computer and started reading. I scanned all the headlines and it was all these posts about her missing me. It felt good for 5 seconds then I became disturbed when I realized I haven’t been on vacation. I haven’t been nowhere. At least not from her. We’re always together. We even work and go to school together. Then I started reading some of the posts and it was all about me scratching my ass and farting in my sleep and how I kept tossing and turning and how she was crying her eyes out because she missed me. I’m fucking three feet away you psycho!!! In one post, she said she experimented and blogged from the living room while I slept in the bedroom. She wrote she missed me so much she started crying so loud she woke me. Yeah, I remember this night. I jumped out of bed to ask her what was wrong and she said … nothing! To make matters worse, she even recorded videos of this crap. The fuck!!! It got 74,638 views. Who the fuck are you sick people?!?! I felt so embarrassed and so self-conscious. Who wants to know they snore??? I felt used. I don’t know if it was because she had writer’s block, was overly attached, a social media addict, or just a fucking psycho, but I had to put a restraining order on her that says she has to be a lot more than 3 feet away from me.”

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Happy One Year Anniversary FY!!!

Day late. Almost two. However, I didn’t forget. I’ve written you letters for a year now. What have you learned? Are you catching up to me or are you staying behind? If it’s the former, I’ll keep writing. The latter, I’ll stop. I’m measuring your progress. I want to feel you breathing on my neck. Read and assimilate! Start from the first letter and work your way to the most recent.

I Might As Well Eat Grass


Why are you so burdened with worries?

You worry everyday about whether or not I achieved the goals I set for my life. Only you know and understand that some days my life was as fun as a lazy cow grazing in an empty field. Some days I was so bored with my life, I might as well eat grass. And so, you wonder if I ever escaped the endless routine of my life – investigating complaints that I do not care about or feel the need to care about. I wish I could tell you to stop worrying. I wish I could tell you that everything is great. But I can’t. You see, our destinies are inextricably woven. My fate is tied to yours. Who I am now is dependent on the choices that you make.

I cannot tell you if everything is great or if I achieved all the things you want me to achieve at this age. You will have to see that for yourself when you get a chance to meet me. Never-the-less, I can tell you one thing that I want you to stop doing.

Image from http://leafshq.com

For heaven sakes… STOP PANICKING.

I know you feel a sense of urgency. I know you feel that your life is like an untidy room. You really want it clean but you just don’t know where to start. Stop panicking. Be still and you will hear the voice. Just start cleaning. You start to clean and in no time the room is spotless.STOP PANICKING.

Do you remember that time when you were sitting in your car at the parking lot and you saw a car reversing straight into your car? All you could hear is a voice screaming in your head. STOP! YOU ARE GOING TO HIT MY CAR. STOP! LOOK AROUND DUMBO. STOP!!! Your hands sweated, your heart pounded and still, the voice in your head screaming loudly and endlessly….Then the loud crashing sound of metal crushing into metal and the jerk that silenced the screams in your head.

The answer was so simple. Just honk your horn. However, you didn’t do that. You didn’t hear the answer because you panicked. Sometimes life is like that, the answer is simple but you will never figure it out if you panic. Be still and you will hear the voice…

Just honk your horn.

Futuristically yours,