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Happy One Year Anniversary FY!!!

Day late. Almost two. However, I didn’t forget. I’ve written you letters for a year now. What have you learned? Are you catching up to me or are you staying behind? If it’s the former, I’ll keep writing. The latter, I’ll stop. I’m measuring your progress. I want to feel you breathing on my neck. Read and assimilate! Start from the first letter and work your way to the most recent.


I Might As Well Eat Grass


Why are you so burdened with worries?

You worry everyday about whether or not I achieved the goals I set for my life. Only you know and understand that some days my life was as fun as a lazy cow grazing in an empty field. Some days I was so bored with my life, I might as well eat grass. And so, you wonder if I ever escaped the endless routine of my life – investigating complaints that I do not care about or feel the need to care about. I wish I could tell you to stop worrying. I wish I could tell you that everything is great. But I can’t. You see, our destinies are inextricably woven. My fate is tied to yours. Who I am now is dependent on the choices that you make.

I cannot tell you if everything is great or if I achieved all the things you want me to achieve at this age. You will have to see that for yourself when you get a chance to meet me. Never-the-less, I can tell you one thing that I want you to stop doing.

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For heaven sakes… STOP PANICKING.

I know you feel a sense of urgency. I know you feel that your life is like an untidy room. You really want it clean but you just don’t know where to start. Stop panicking. Be still and you will hear the voice. Just start cleaning. You start to clean and in no time the room is spotless.STOP PANICKING.

Do you remember that time when you were sitting in your car at the parking lot and you saw a car reversing straight into your car? All you could hear is a voice screaming in your head. STOP! YOU ARE GOING TO HIT MY CAR. STOP! LOOK AROUND DUMBO. STOP!!! Your hands sweated, your heart pounded and still, the voice in your head screaming loudly and endlessly….Then the loud crashing sound of metal crushing into metal and the jerk that silenced the screams in your head.

The answer was so simple. Just honk your horn. However, you didn’t do that. You didn’t hear the answer because you panicked. Sometimes life is like that, the answer is simple but you will never figure it out if you panic. Be still and you will hear the voice…

Just honk your horn.

Futuristically yours,


Which Letter In Team Looks Like An I To You?

Dear Har-old,

American athlete Mia Hamm said, “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”

Progress report.

Remember when I told you after I get a good lead in letters I would bring in other future-selves. Well, I have done a poor job. I have been busy but hey I’m not using that as an excuse. My job was to have other future-selves write letters and yours was to have their young-present-self read them. Unlike me, you have done a great job. It’s only been two months and Futuristically Yours has 60 subscribers. Meanwhile, I’ve only been able to find 6 other authors.

You won’t only have my letters to look forward to. I would like to introduce FY’s newest authors AezoraJennifer and Kristen. They already have letters posted. Also, look for Shae‘s resurgence.

And I know you’re calling FOUL on my Freshly Pressed Fifty Dollar Bill move. I’ll admit you got me playing catch up so I’m trying to cheat. Haha!

Now Har-old, what I’m about to say will make you think you did all that work for nothing but here it goes …

Subscribers do NOT make Futuristically Yours. Our authors do.

Now you can say I’m cheating more when I say this, but I need you to stop spending so much time getting subscribers to help me grow our authors.

Current and prospective.

I want you the first one reading and commenting on other author’s letters.

You are wasting too much time on other blogs whose author isn’t showing FY the same love back. You know who they are. No more of this!

Let’s make our authors priority.

I will still post consistently as I have been but I will start to do it strategically so our other authors will shine. For instance, if Shae post on a Tuesday and I have a letter ready to go too, I will schedule it for Wednesday instead.

Remember: Those 48 subscribers do NOT make us. The 6 authors do.

Futuristically yours,


P.S. It’s the T. Hahaha!

Freshly Pressed Fifty Dollar Bill

Dear Har-old,

The following announcement is for all authors, current and prospective, everyone except for me.

To the youngster whose future-self writes them a letter that gets featured on Freshly Pressed, I will personally pay them $50 electronically. PayPal preferred.

Now Har-old … before you attempt to hit yourself so hard that I feel it, hear me out. I’m excluding you for a reason. It will be cheating if I wrote the Freshly Pressed letter. I created this. I know the format. The “secret ingredient.” The “magic formula.” I have the most letters on here which means practice makes prefect.

It may take one letter. 12 letters. 26 letters. The number doesn’t matter. The only number that matters is 50. The $50 that will be theirs, all theirs, IF their letter is the one that gets FY (Futuristically Yours) featured on Freshly Pressed.

I will make this letter here sticky so the flying cars that come crashing through here will see this when they roll down their windows.

There is no deadline; this is an ongoing offer.

Futuristically yours,