How to burst someone’s bubble – Sims 4

Shortest video I did.


Send Nudes – The Sims 4

Got an idea you want me to do with the Sims? Let me know in the comments or if you don’t anyone stealing your idea, visit my contact page to share it privately. Thanks!

List of Jericho – 20 Juvenile and Cash Money Spinoffs (Of Their Own Songs)

*The video is currently set to private due to me becoming a popular troll on YouTube and not wanting my voice discovered. I was able to accumulate over 30 subs just from entertaining people in chatrooms. I may write extensively on it later. As of now, I don’t know if I want to repackage the video without my voice and with the music. If you want to see the original video I can send a link.*

After months of sitting on this idea, I finally put it together, and it was fun. Started a new YouTube channel where I can be more loose. MO is still my main baby, but because I haven’t decided to take down my series I needed a safe space where I could wild out with my creativity. I feel like I’m improving with every video. 2017 is gone be year of the video for me.


“The BEST Pitch Coach In The City”

You almost sat this one out. Great thing you didn’t.

Would you have wanted to miss this?

  • Customer service-Helping people register, which led to a free ticket to the next 48 Hour Launch.
  • Danielle telling you she watched your pitch video for preparation.

  • Kyle walked up to you afterwards and said, “You know who she reminded me of? You when you first got up there. She killed it.”

  • You got to do the Home Alone Face.
  • Got to kill them clicks!!!
  • The upstart, Pink Robin Avenue, you chose to help develop during the weekend won a free booth at

Flow of PRA

Steve Jobs compliment


  • Everyone on the LYC team said what an awesome job you did all weekend.

I’m proud of you giving your time and treating Pink Robin Avenue as if it was yours.

Don’t let Danielle’s inspiration go to waste either: How she started her PR firm, work ethic, passion, business-mind. All.

"I love your focus! Lol"
“I love your focus! Lol”

Keep the momentum going!!!



P.S. I wish you recorded her Q&A.